In Russia, a church where “mobics” were blessed before being sent to Ukraine caught fire

Anastasia Gorbacheva08:48, 25.01.23

It is noted that the fire was fought for almost four hours.

A powerful fire broke out in the Theodore Church in the Russian city of Kirov. It is noted that the church is an exact copy of the Vladimir Church, which is located in the residence of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Valdai.

“Today at 01:38, information was received about a fire in the Church of the Theodore Icon of the Mother of God at the address: Kirov, Naberezhna Grina 7a,” the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia said in a statement.

As a result of the incident, no one was killed or injured.

“35 people and 12 pieces of equipment were working at the scene of the fire. 6 fire hoses were used for extinguishing, 3 units of gas and smoke protection were working. The fire was completely extinguished at 06:00. The cause of the fire should be established by the investigators of the Ministry of Emergency Situations,” the rescuers said. Russia, the Feodorov church, where “cannon fodder” for the war in Ukraine was baptized, caught fire

It is noteworthy that the Feodorov church in Kirov is an exact copy of the Volodymyr church, which is located on the territory of the residence of the Russian president in Valdai.


In addition, according to some data, it was in the Theodore Church that the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church baptized mobilized Russians before sending them to Ukraine to die.


The position of the Russian Orthodox Church regarding the war in Ukraine – what is known

The priests of the Russian Orthodox Church openly support Russia’s bloody war against Ukraine,  inciting hatred  of Ukrainians among parishioners in every possible way. In addition, information appeared that the church is planning to  create a  “private military campaign”.

On December 27, 2022, during the divine service, the Russian priest incited his congregation to die in the war against Ukraine , depicting other scenarios of their death to the parishioners in very absurd colors. 

Also, other priests of the Russian Orthodox Church baptized and blessed the mobilized Russians and military equipment before sending them to be liquidated in Ukraine.

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