Washington is ready to transfer up to fifty Abrams tanks to Kyiv – Politico

Artem Budrin21:15, 01/24/23

Biden administration officials stressed that the US has never refused to transfer Western tanks to Ukraine.

The United States is considering the possibility of transferring dozens of Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Two American officials from the administration of President Joe Biden  told Politico  about the intention of the White House to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine with armored vehicles.

According to sources, Washington may announce the dispatch of its tanks to Ukraine as early as this week. At the same time, one of the officials noted that “the Biden administration is considering sending 30 to 50 Abrams tanks.

The interlocutors of the publication added that the United States has never refused to transfer Western tanks to Ukraine.

Western tanks for Ukraine

On January 24, German media reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was ready to hand over Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States will soon announce the dispatch of Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine is “looking at the Abrams.”

On January 14, the UK announced that the Ukrainian army would receive Challenger 2 tanks.

French President Macron believes that his country could theoretically transfer Leclerc tanks to Ukraine. But for this, three conditions must be met.

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    • US gov does not pay for tanks, I do, US taxpayer. We support democracy. If you want, pay my taxes this year. We are behind you. Bitching won’t help.

      • When people are dying and something could more be done, it is the time to bitch. Yeah, I pay taxes to and in return get to live in a free world that isn’t being run over by dictators and despots. Russia is causing a world of pain for all of us. Telling people not to express their pain isn’t helpful.

        And it was just a realistic assessment of the situation we face … does the truth scare you?

      • You and your wallet should be thankful to Ukraine for ridding the world of your geopolitical war criminals from Moscow….without any American blood spilled. Thank you for your help, when Ukraine is finished with Putin’s nazis you can focus on China. One down and one to go.

  1. But what’s the ETA? Tanks out of Egypt might arrive sooner if they’d agree. I mean is the US going to strip the sensitive electronics as they tend to do or is there an export batch available?

    Or how about top of the line Cadillac versions?

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