US will sharply increase the production of 155-mm shells for Ukraine – media

Katerina Chernovol23:08, 01/24/23

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The Pentagon will increase the production of shells by 500%.

In the United States of America, they plan to increase the production of 155-millimeter shells by six times , which Ukraine now needs. Their production will increase to 90,000 per month within two years.

According to  The New York Times  , citing a senior Pentagon supply official, the production of shells is planned to be increased to compensate for the shortage caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and to create reserves for use in future conflicts.

It is noted that they want to achieve such plans by expanding the capacity of existing plants, as well as attracting new manufacturers.

The publication emphasizes that the Pentagon will increase the production of shells by 500%. It will be upgraded to a level not seen since the Korean War, and it will be part of the “most aggressive upgrade” of the US defense industrial base in nearly 40 years.

It is noteworthy that before the start of a full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, the United States produced 14,400 unguided projectiles per month. And this amount was enough for the US military.

However, the modernization of state enterprises for the production of ammunition will take longer than the two years mentioned above. The Pentagon intends to fund new artillery shell businesses and will spend roughly $1 billion a year over the next 15 years.

The Army’s decision to expand its artillery production is the clearest sign that the United States plans to support Ukraine, no matter how long the war goes on.

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  1. If the Pentagon had communicated it’s needs/demands to the production companies better we would have been ahead of things instead of trying to play catch up.

  2. And what about all that Swiss ammo out there????

    A Swiss parliamentary body proposed on Tuesday waiving a re-export ban that prevents ammunition it manufactures from being re-exported from another country to Ukraine.

    The recommendation passed with 14 in favour and 11 against and will require later approval from parliament.

    “The majority of the commission deems that Switzerland should make a contribution to European security, which includes providing more aid to Ukraine,” a Swiss parliamentary committee said in a press release late on Tuesday.

  3. Now is the time to buy arms manufacturing stocks, folks.
    It’s not the Soviet Union that the snot-faced bunker monkey has resurrected, as he wished, but the conditions of the Cold War. This ramp up of ammo production surely is also meant to be better prepared for bat virus land and the other usual shit nuggets on this globe.

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