US may announce delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine this week – WSJ

Yana Stavskaya17:23, 01/24/23

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The White House declined to comment.

The Biden administration may announce the transfer of Abrams tanks to Ukraine  as early as this week in order to influence Germany to, in turn, transfer Leopard tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to The Wall Street Journal , citing US officials, the transfer should be part of diplomatic agreements with Berlin so that Germany transfers a small number of Leopard tanks and approves their transfer by the EU countries. This would settle the West’s differences over tanks, the transfer of which, according to some countries, is fraught with an escalation of hostilities.

According to the sources of the publication, the change in US position followed a telephone conversation with Olaf Scholz on January 17, during which Biden agreed to consider the supply of Abrams despite the decision of the Pentagon. The transfer of the tanks to Ukraine was the subject of intense US-German negotiations, a WSJ source in Berlin noted.

The White House declined to comment.

The Pentagon has publicly ruled out supplying Ukraine with Abrams , arguing that these tanks require significant training and logistical support.

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