The fight against corruption in the Russian Federation is “uninteresting”: deputies were exempted from declaring income

Anastasia Pechenyuk17:25, 01/24/23

The State Duma says that this will encourage more people to go into politics.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation allowed deputies and senators not to publish their income declarations.

As the head of the State Duma Committee on State Construction, Pavel Krasheninnikov, explained in a commentary to Russian media, not all deputies like to show their income.

The declaration is enshrined in the UN Convention against Corruption, which the Russian Federation ratified in 2006, and in a number of documents of the World Bank, OECD and other international institutions. 

In Russia, the obligation of state civil servants and members of their families to provide information on income, property and property-related obligations is enshrined in a federal law of 2008.

Declarations are posted on official websites. They, among other things, include information about money in foreign banks, government securities of foreign countries, real estate abroad, and so on.

The federal law provides that verification of the reliability and completeness of information on income indicated in declarations is carried out, but there is no single body involved in this.

Russian experts often call the legislation on declarations in the Russian Federation, which should work to prevent illicit enrichment and resolve conflicts of interest, ineffective.

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  1. It’s been a clear and cut case for anyone who wants to know, that mafia land has massive corruption because it not only wants it, but it’s a necessity. Like fascism and kleptomania, it’s an integral part of putinism.

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