Nameless graves and branded wreaths: the network showed the huge “Wagner” cemetery (video)

Marta Hychko05:45, 01/24/23

The footage shows more than a hundred graves. Some are still in the process of being arranged.

The private military company ” Wagner ” has arranged another cemetery for its mercenaries. They are buried in unmarked graves.

As the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military blogger Anatolii Shtefan “Stirlitz” reported, the “Wagneri people” do not betray traditions by hiding their “two hundred” mercenaries. 

“Dembele PMC cemetery. We don’t change traditions,” wrote Shtirlitz with sarcasm.

The footage shows more than a hundred fresh graves with Prigozhin’s signature funeral wreath. An excavator is working on the territory of the “Wagner burial ground”. Special equipment was brought in to arrange new graves. new cemetery of the “Wagners” was found

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  1. I hope it is not in Ukraine, because then they have to be removed. I don’t someone would like to use it as farmland in current condition.

    Maybe a nice job for POW’s is to dig them up and burn them. It probably isn’t a pleasant job, but perfectly for Russians.

    Also they have to level the soil again because this sucks.

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