Lavrov claims the West stopped Ukraine peace negotiations and is now ‘almost in a real war’ with Moscow as South Africa greets ‘Russian friends’ and ‘openly sides with the Kremlin’


  1. Not one penny in overseas aid should go to SA until its foul and evil Marxist regime has gone forever.
    I do not think that even Nelson Mandela would have approved of these scum.

  2. This low life slimy piece of shit needs to go up against the wall next to his master.

  3. SA is CORRUPT. Russia is obviously buying off their support.

    SAs suffer under the corruption. With all the technological changes and power even in basic mobile phones, you wish there would be a way for them to establish true public accountability.

    There is more suffering there than needs to be. I feel sorry for the average person there.

  4. Nobody really cares. The horse always hee-haws a lot of useless garbage, and South Africa is not a relevant country.

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