Gerasimov complains about intensity of hostilities which Russia has never before experienced

24 JANUARY 2023

Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, has complained that the intensity of hostilities in the war in Ukraine has put the occupying Russian troops in conditions that they have never encountered before in the history of modern Russia.

Source: Gerasimov in an interview, quoted by

Quote from Gerasimov: “It should be noted that our country’s mobilisation training system has not been fully adapted to the new modern economic relations. So we have had to correct everything on the fly.”

Details: According to Gerasimov, the General Staff, in cooperation with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, recruited 300,000 citizens to the army during the partial mobilisation.

Gerasimov noted that modern Russia has never experienced “such a level and intensity of warfare”, as today “practically the entire collective West is opposing it”.

Background: Gerasimov was appointed commander of the joint group of Russian troops in Ukraine on 11 January. 

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  1. Shit weasel, the intensity of hostilities will get even worse once the AFU gets what it needs to finish you off.

    “…practically the entire collective West is opposing it”.

    Only a little here and a bit there. If it was anything like this jerk says, the war would be over already.

    • What “hostilities” did he expect after his nation invaded peaceful Ukraine, stole 2.5 million citizens, killed 500 children, and committed thousands and thousands of war crimes including rape, torture, kidnapping, starvation, freezing and murder??? I daresay he hasn’t seen the worst of it yet, just wait until we get tanks and planes instead of mortar rounds.

  2. Second hands weapons mostly delivered by a snail is what it’s been. What is he talking about? It is only going to get worse …

    Next will be armor then missiles then at some point air. It’s been a light rain compared to the storm that is coming. Modern warfare should simply be avoided at all costs as it is too deadly. How does Russia not know this? It’s not way to boost profits.

    Hitting people’s homes with weapons designed to target aircraft carriers will get you that. Of course Amnesty International will say Ukrainians living in Ukraine is a war crime because it leads Russia to target civilians. I can scroll and scroll through their recent news and find nothing. I’d expect at least a critique on how ineffective the UN is.

    • We’ve already learned about the utter uselessness of certain international organizations, Mr. Honestly. Oxygen thieves, all.

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