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Posted by Oleksii 25 minutes ago :

Jan 24

“The coming weeks and months will be crucial for Ukraine, especially in Donbass” – John Kirby, White House strategic communications coordinator.

Earlier, similar statements were blazing:

“The next few weeks are crucial. For war and for the world. What will happen in 2023 depends a lot on the coming weeks” – President of the Council of Europe Charles Michel.

“Ukraine has inspired the world. We, 50 states, are determined to support Ukraine as much as needed. Putin did not count on Ukraine’s determination. This is a crucial moment for Ukraine and the whole world” – US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin.

“We are at a crucial stage. Therefore, it is important that we provide Ukraine with the weapons necessary for victory” – Jens Stoltenberg, NATO General Secretary.

To sum it up, Russia is fucked.

And here’s the breaking news: the United States is ready to hand over to Ukraine 10 Abrams tanks!


  1. Putler and his genocide/rape/torture gang are plotting evil and disgusting things right now. Unspeakable bestiality could be months or even weeks away.
    Send shitloads of tanks, weapons, long range missiles now.

  2. “The next few weeks are crucial. For war and for the world.”

    Hmm … so, to counteract the evil in the coming weeks, we’ll send 10 tanks. Not a 1000, not a 100, but 10. I see…
    At any rate, it’s a start, and a highly welcome one! Germany also wants to send tanks. Poland, at any rate. Maybe we can get 100 tanks together, and hopefully soon enough.

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