DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Give Ukraine tools it needs to finish the job



  1. Is the huge circulation Mail starting at last to feel shame for giving a platform to the filthy kremlin shill Peter Hitchens? First they published Boris’s superb article and now the editor has chipped in. Readers comments are starting to turn against the vile Hitchens.
    My comments on Hitchens articles are blocked by Mail Mods, but they did in fact publish my response to the Hitchens shitshow; albeit 24 hours later.
    Comment was as follows :

    Hitchens traveled to Crimea in 2010 and set out the Kremlin’s case for Russia to invade and occupy it. Four years later it did so. Hitchens referred hatefully to Ukraine as a “fanciful country.” The Mail has permitted him to shill for the vile Putin ever since. Thanks to despicable people like Hitchens, putler has a fan club amongst Mail readers who gloat every time his foul “army” murders yet another Ukrainian child.

    • It’s vile and despicable for a British paper to tolerate such filthy actions as those evil creatures gloating when innocent people – especially children – get killed.

  2. Some good quotes from the article:

    “Russia’s pitiless barbarism summons up the ghastly shades of both world wars.
    Massacre, torture and rape are once again deployed as weapons of mass terror.”

    And quoting Boris:

    “Mr Johnson’s visit to Kyiv was not just a gesture of support but also a reminder to Nato and the EU of their moral obligations to this imperilled democracy.
    In an evocative and hugely powerful piece for today’s Mail, he describes witnessing chilling evidence of Russian atrocities. It’s hard to read but drives home his point.
    ‘With every day that goes by, more innocents are sacrificed, more brave Ukrainian soldiers are killed,’ he writes.
    ‘What conceivable grounds can there be for delay? Why are we not giving the Ukrainians all the help they need, now, when they need it?”

    And : “Germany must authorise the tank deliveries it has been vacillating over and other allies must provide the technology and materiel Ukraine is pleading for.”

    Yes they must. Or Berlin should be bombed and putler agents Scholz, Merkel and Schroeder executed.

    And ; “This is nothing less than a fight for freedom and democracy. Mr Johnson understands that, and so should the whole of the civilised world. Tyranny cannot be allowed to prevail.”

    Any large scale media outlet that promotes the putler view must be forced to pay compensation to Ukraine. Yes I mean you the Murdochs and your stinking genocide lovers Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.

  3. “Yes they must. Or Berlin should be bombed and putler agents Scholz, Merkel and Schroeder executed.”

    A heartwarming thought! I would fight for first row to watch the execution. Bombing Berlin would also be a good idea. It’s a dirty, leftist shithole.

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