Americans develop killer lasers for Russian hypersonic weapons – media

Veronika Prokhorenko14:50, 01/24/23

Before the new technology, the Russian hypersonic missile systems Kinzhal and Zirkon, as well as the Chinese DF-21 and DF-26 missile defense systems, are virtually helpless.

As part of the arms race with Russia and China, the Americans are developing the latest killer lasers to equip their warships. Their main advantage is the ability to destroy hypersonic missiles in the air.

The new technology will use nuclear energy. Russia’s Kinzhal and Zirkon hypersonic missile systems, as well as the Chinese DF-21 and DF-26 missile defense systems, are supposedly helpless in front of it, the Rzeczpospolita article says . 

The publication writes that the latest lasers are called “aircraft carrier killers” because they can attack targets at the speed of light, which negates the advantages of hypersonic weapons of the Russian Federation and China.

They also don’t need ammo supplies, which gives ships equipped with these lasers almost unlimited shooting options.

Earlier in the United States, lasers of lower power were already actively tested, which can easily destroy drones. Now, however, the Americans are focusing their efforts on building more powerful weapons, Admiral Michael Gilday, chief of naval operations, told CNN.

“Developing systems that use high-energy lasers or powerful microwaves to destroy the threat is a top priority,” he said.

Now the US Navy already has several ships that are equipped with lasers of similar power. Among them, the most powerful gun is installed on the destroyer of the Zamvolt type. Its approximate power reaches 150 kW.

However, the US Army is now developing systems that will be up to 300 kW. Developed by General Atomics. Previously, she also developed a prototype electromagnetic gun for the US Navy, but the military abandoned this project at one time. 

The United States has been testing the power of its most important military technologies on ships for some time now. In December 2021, the US Navy tested the LWSD Mk 2 Mod 0 laser weapon in the Gulf of Aden. Then the laser gun aboard the USS Portland showed the successful destruction of a floating target. Now this technology is used to fight drones, boats, and cruise missiles.

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