US Congress Calls for ATACMS Missiles to be Provided to Ukraine

Evgenia Sokolenko 07:36, 01/23/23 UNIAN

The American official noted that Ukrainians win when they get the right weapons.

Ukraine has been asking about ATACMS missiles for many months / photo by US Army
Ukraine has been asking about ATACMS missiles for many months / photo by US Army

The United States needs to provide Ukraine with ATACMS long-range operational-tactical ballistic missiles. They can be used to strike, in particular against the occupied Crimea.

This is stated in an interview with the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Michael McCall channel ABC News . The Republican recalled that Ukrainians had previously successfully mastered all types of weapons that were provided by the United States.

“Stinger MANPADS, Javelin ATGMs, HIMARS MLRS. They win when we give them what they need,” McCall said.

ATACMS missiles for Ukraine – what is known

As UNIAN previously reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been requesting long-range  ATACMS missiles for many months , designed to destroy objects at a distance of up to 300 kilometers.

So far  , the US has refused to hand over these missiles . The refusal is explained by disagreements on strikes against targets in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Politico reported that during a visit to the White House, President Volodymyr Zelensky had to ask again to  provide Ukraine with ATACMS missiles . Director of information and consulting company Defense Express, military expert Sergei Zgurets explained that  Ukraine will again ask for ATACMS if Russia receives Iranian missiles.


  1. Mr McCaul’s wiki page says : “In 2022, McCaul said he supports heavily arming Ukraine with the weapons they need to win the Russo-Ukrainian War.”
    That should be the default position of all Republicans, but isn’t.
    Suppose this simple proposal was acted upon: Ukraine would be FLOODED with weaponry. Putler would have no choice but to back off forever.
    What would it take? F16’s or equivalent, ATACM’s, long range ballistic missiles, 1000 modern MBT’s, 40 more HIMARS, 40 more assorted MLRS’s, several hundred long range drones; including Reapers, 10 Patriot systems with operators, more attack helis and finally a nuclear deterrent.
    The putler holocaust would have to end.

      • We already know the default position of the Dems, so there is no mystery. They are united under the “just enough” policy of Biden. There may be some hawks but I don’t know of any. Then there is the Sanders “land for peace” bloc. But they have been silenced. At least for now.
        The Republicans should hold the same position as Graham, but disgracefully they don’t. As I opined before, there should be no room in a party of conservative values for those who support genocide or even those who agree with Kissinger’s bullshit.
        I accept that all parties have a loony fringe, but the putler fringe of the GOP is just evil.

  2. Glad to see the Republicans with sense speaking up!!!! We need more of that!

    Iranian missiles targeting civilians to brutalize them into accepting an illegal annexation and the U.S. is afraid to respond? Not to mention those are civilians of a democratic country who did nothing to provoke said attacks.

    The US is very, very weak on its messaging I think.

    I don’t think any vote of congress is needed now. The funds have been allocated. Bipartisan support on this is very important though as funding for the next aid package will be needed whenever current funding runs out.

    • The US is very, very weak by choice and not by necessity, and this is the actual ignominy of this administration.

  3. I hope that Biden and those who think like him have seen enough death and destruction in Ukraine to finally send the country what it needs!

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