Turkey will not support Sweden’s bid to join NATO – Erdogan

Artem Budrin19:51, 23.01.23

Ankara continues to accuse Sweden of “accomplishing terrorists”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to block Sweden’s accession to NATO.

On January 23, the Turkish leader  told the AR agency  that he was outraged by the actions of activists in Stockholm who burned the Koran.

“These dirty actions in Sweden and also near our diplomatic mission are considered an insult to Muslims, and in general to all people, all rights and freedoms. You continue to support terrorists and wait for support for joining NATO. This will not happen. Sweden should not expect any more from us this support,” Erdogan said. 

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  1. Finland is considering to join without us. As they should. We’ll have to trust the security guarantees issued by the US, the UK, France and a few more.

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