The European Parliament adopted a resolution regarding the tribunal over the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation

Ivan Boyko 21:16, 23.01.23

According to Andrii Smirnov, this is another argument that constantly tilts the scales in the direction of justice and brings Ukraine’s victory in this treacherous war closer.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the creation of a Special International Tribunal, whose mandate will be to prosecute and punish the crime of aggression committed by the highest military and political leadership of the aggressor country.

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Andrii Smirnov announced this   on his Facebook page.

“Another important decision that demonstrates the readiness of the civilized world to wake up and force the doctrine of international law to breathe, using at the same time the most powerful legal weapon – responsibility for the crime of aggression. The weapon that no one has been looking for for more than 70 years, calmly contemplating acts of terror and aggression in in 2014 in the Ukrainian Crimea and Donbas, before that in Georgia in 2008 and so on,” Smirnov wrote.

According to him, this is another argument that constantly tilts the scales in the direction of justice and brings Ukraine’s victory in this treacherous war closer.

“I would like to remind you that the crime of aggression has a unique regime of jurisdiction, separate from other crimes of the Rome Statute, such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Countries that are not member states of the International Criminal Court are excluded from the jurisdiction of this court in terms of investigation and prosecution to responsibility for the crime of aggression, regardless of whether they are the victim of aggression or the aggressor,” added the deputy head of the OP.

He emphasized that the work of the Special International Tribunal for the Crime of Russia’s Aggression against Ukraine will not only legally formalize international criminals in this status, but will also forever close the door to the civilized world.

He also thanked international partners and allies, personally President Zelenskyi and all his colleagues, who maintain defense every day on the diplomatic and legal fronts,

“I thank the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, for his support and powerful international advocacy, to all our international partners and allies, as well as to all colleagues who, every day, on the diplomatic and legal fronts, not only firmly hold the defense, but also vigorously attack the five scoundrels: Anton Korynevych . (Sorry if I missed anyone). Colleagues, you are super cool!” he wrote.

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  1. Wow this it!!! A resolution!!!. Hell that’s gonna save thousands of lives. I know Russia is now quaking I. Their shoes. I just don’t know how the EU parliament members have such time to develop a resolution. They are just wonderful.
    I got an idea. How about another resolution shoving your first resolution up your ass. Stop with resolutions and do something meaningful. People are dying and resolutions are not the answer. IMHO.

    • They’re great at creating resolutions, Sir Cap. Almost as great as creating masses of CO2 and injecting methane into their seat cushions.

    • I suppose it is legally necessary but I share your frustration. Speaking of legal frustrations, where are the penalties for MH17 that occurred almost TEN YEARS ago?! If there ever was an open and shut case, that would be it. Ten years on…

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