Putin crosses out Russian roads to continue the war in Ukraine

Olena Kovalenko 15:31, 23.01.23

Costs for the construction and reconstruction of federal highways in the Russian Federation have been reduced by 2.5 times.

Against the background of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the government of the aggressor country refused to build roads in order to supplement the military budget .

As the Russian “Kommersant” reports , the five-year plan was changed taking into account the “prioritization” of objects on the basis of the adopted law on the budget. According to the document, costs for the construction and reconstruction of federal highways in the Russian Federation were reduced by 2.5 times — from 449 to 174 billion rubles. Transfers to the regions from the Federal Road Fund were cut by 14% – from 375 to 324 billion rubles. Total costs under the state program for the development of the transport system were reduced by 26% – from 1.653 to 1.229 trillion rubles.

Trading roads for more bombs

At the same time, expenses for the occupation army have been increased almost 1.5 times compared to the law on the budget, adopted last year, to 5 trillion rubles. Another 4.2 trillion rubles will be spent by the government of the aggressor under the article “national security”, which includes the budgets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Guard and special services.

In particular, the project of the Orekhovo-Zuyevo bypass in the Moscow region, the Southern bypass of Krasnodar came under the knife. The second ring road around St. Petersburg (KAD-2) and the Meridian highway, which was supposed to stretch from the border of Kazakhstan to Belarus, were hanging in the air. Funding for the South-Western Horde (Ekaterinburg-Samara-Krasnodar) has been cut by almost four times, from 15.3 to 4 billion rubles, and works to improve the main highways of the capital region are completely excluded from the plan.

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  1. This doesn’t matter because the ruskies will soon ride only donkeys and mules, and they don’t need paved roads.
    Anyhow, this will anger those parasites that usually skim half of the highway budget. Have fun in mafia land.

  2. I repeat an historical event not to contrast childish epithets thrown by commenters, but to help thought processes that should be engaged before commenting:
    (public comments are NOT mere childish emotional venting, as that only arouses discord and hate. But that issue, while HIGHLY important is not the subject of this comment)

    As a Commander in 1945 Europe, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower , understanding logistic needs and principles, expressed admiration for the Autobahns built in Germany.
    Recognizing the dual – military and socioeconomic values of roads (which, oddly Stalinist Russia did NOT, he retained his surprised technological insight, and when President began work on the US Interstate system to supersede the Federal highways, though the latter’s smaller and more sinuous linkage remained strategically vital as part of the US community economically)
    Once, before the Federal Government’s advantages were fully understood , private enterprises had constructed tollways . Profit follows need.

    Stalin a single individual, of course CANNOT learn with the comprehension that requires MANY , voices, inputs, areas of expertise. Administrators enable only quicker choices. As a side note: parliamentary systems composed of temporary coalitions appear too ephemeral to function strategically, as you see in Germany’s rather stultified response to REAL threat, merely because the threat’s coalescence occurs in peripheral regions not regarded as essential by members of the dominating coalition.

    But, to continue:
    Russia was able to exist as a vast empire , LARGELY because of the institution of rail connectivity. This lower-friction use of rather inefficient combustion steam engines, allowed huge troop movements from Vladivostok (literal translation: Ruler of the East)

    Very strangely, the musings of a social philosopher, incidentally a German, early in the industrial era, which was brought in dense Europe BY those more efficient combustion engine/low friction rails, had also perceived human interaction as combative, warlike; Marx, imagined conflict as inevitable, procreative, necessary.
    Of course, warring tend to destroy, ruin, degrade minds. All that is commonly bred is greater incidence of communicable disease.

    At best we, in comments, can only make corollary inferences. Empires do bring together novel ideas , minds, creative responses.
    Russia never depended upon complex logistical motion, as did transoceanic empires or trade systems..
    Perhaps also a child of Steppe simplicities, its very concepts of mobility relate to sweeping masses of raiders, capturing, energetically raping, then withdrawal until those preyed upon recover enough for a repeat.

    The Greeks before the written periods of which you know, had been a society that included mariners. In colonizing the Black Sea shores, from Colchis – Georgia to Crimea, and the sea’s fertile river estuaries, had their colonies periodically attacked by masses of rapacious horsemen.
    The transmitted word (I may address the recent day’s NYT and WP editorials, as they belatedly by months and years, fragmentarily, and significantly erroneously, assessed rather sociopathic influences seeking advantage through tragic event in distant Ukraine and Russia, –a World world not regarding NYC or DC as its center) from the early Pontic Greeks, reporting horse people whose periodic waves against the settled, resulted in the myths of horse-bodied men recognized as Agents of Chaos.

    The US highways were built to connect and unify. The Nazi German for fast movement of “blitzkrieg armor, The Russian Empire had built its limited rail paths for that same fast military control. The culture of coercive internal security ODES differ from our understanding.

    (Ukraine built modern electrical motors to its rail system. That nation had been both “breadbasket” and industrial/innovative before and during its capture. This is a separate social event than the Muscovite empire’s attempt to turn exterior southern Cossack peoples into sedentary serfs, which the peoples from Dnieper to lower Don & Volga resisted, which I think recent historical development i noted in some previous comment)

    St Pete was built as a more direct attempt to link to Western Europe than the disputed land route- other historical events contributed to that choice.

    Russia has no real tradition of building roads, for commerce.

    • Russians don’t build, they destroy. Occasionally they will spend money and have the Chinese or their bitches the North Koreans build something like they did for the world cup last time.

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