In a war with China, the US will run out of ammunition in a week – WSJ

Yury Kobzar18:50, 23.01.23

Arms deliveries to Ukraine have already significantly depleted US military arsenals.

The US military industry is not ready for a long full-scale war against China . This is indicated by the experience of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, writes The Wall Street Journal .

The publication notes that America provided significant assistance to Ukraine in the largest European war since World War II. However, the protracted conflict has shown that there is a “strategic danger” of a critical reduction in existing weapons stocks due to the unwillingness of defense companies to rapidly replenish their arsenals.

The newspaper refers to a study published by Seth Jones, senior vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, located in Washington. 

In an interview with the publication, the analyst noted that the American military industry currently operates in peacetime mode. High-ranking US military officials and officials cited by Jones estimate that the US military would quickly run out of ammunition in the event of a potential conflict with China.

“A potential conflict with China in the Indo-Pacific region will differ from the mainly land war taking place in Ukraine, but, nevertheless, the US will need to use large amounts of weapons,” the publication writes.

Due to problems with the industrial base, caused by outdated military contracting procedures and a “sluggish bureaucracy”, the US will find it “extremely difficult to sustain a protracted conflict”, according to the analyst.

As a visual indicator of this problem, Jones cites deliveries of Javelin hand-held anti-tank systems to Ukraine. According to his data, since August last year, the Armed Forces received such a number of these ATGMs as the American industry produces in 7 years.

Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile complexes were delivered to Ukraine in the volume equal to their export deliveries to other countries over the past 20 years. Having transferred over a million 155 mm shells to Ukraine, the US has reduced its own stockpile of these ammunition to a “low” level.

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  1. Spending 800 billion dollars per year on weapons, and not on the ammo. Not very clever policy………..

  2. Obviously that is why the US must help Ukraine to win quick and win big.
    Then it can start gearing up its industrial-military complex to meet the chicom challenge.
    It’s a win-win, because it creates skilled jobs, stimulates the economy and increases global security.

  3. WSJ sometimes writes garbage. A war with bat virus land would be a naval and air force war. We’d get run over in any land war, with or without helping Ukraine. At any rate, this war did open more than a few eyes. Maybe it’s time not to spend $600 for a toilet seat. Oh, that was 20 years ago. They might be $1200 bucks now. How much ammo could 10 toilet seats buy?

  4. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has exposed many Western strengths and most importantly it’s weaknesses. We are taking note of ammo supplies and drone warfare.
    China will take note of the ability to handcuff some E.U. nations with merely empty threats.

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