Honcharenko To Lukashenka: ‘Cockroach, What Has Happened?’

The Ukrainian MP reacted to the dictator’s wailing.


Lukashenka said that the situation around Belarus is “difficult as never before”. The Ukrainian MP, the head of the inter-factional deputy association “For Democratic Belarus” Oleksiy Honcharenko reacted to his phrase.

“Cockroach, what has happened?” the MP asked.

Earlier, Mr Honcharenko said that Lukashenka would hang on a pole on the next Ukrainian Independence Day.

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  1. An interesting convergence of opinion likely occurring in Moscow, among the people of Belarus, and an ad hoc caucus of Verkhovna Rada.
    The past use by Sasha 3% of economic migrants and refugees from C. & SW. Asian conflagration to induce chaos in Europe (certainly in concert with Putin/Silovik hybrid war against Europe) has NOT endeared him to ANY country to his west and north.

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