Germany not ruling out delivery of tanks to Ukraine – govt spokesperson

23.01.2023 18:36

Germany continues to consider the possibility of sending main battle tanks to Ukraine, but it has to take into account the mood of the population.

German government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit said this at a briefing on Monday, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“Germany provides very powerful aid [to Ukraine], including military aid. We will not leave the Ukrainians – this is an official position. […] We are continuing consultations. The federal government does not rule out the supply of Leopard tanks. We just haven’t decided yet,” Hebestreit said.

Currently, he said, the issue concerns “a further qualitative step” and “it will not be a matter of a few months.” There are arguments “for” and there are arguments for continuing the discussion, the spokesman said. He called for not “simplifying” this discussion to make it look like everyone is in favor of supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine and only Germany is against this

“There are those who criticize, demand to act quickly, but the responsibility for the steps taken will be borne by the governments that make the decisions,” Hebestreit said.

He acknowledged that public discussion plays an important role in the decisions of the German government, and added that “the public must be involved in the discussion.”

In Germany, the number of those who support the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine and those who oppose it is about the same. According to Hebestreit, the chancellor’s position is balanced and well received by the people.



  1. aSShole: may I remind you that the war is 11 months on today? How slow works your German brain? Yes, The commies and the Nazis are against, quell surprise!
    In 1940 you had no problem to send tanks to Ukraine!

  2. Send Pizza Salami, Pepperoni, Cheese to my ukrainian brothers in arms! Stop corruption! 🇺🇦🇺🇸

  3. If the Leopards grrrmany is thinking of offering are only considered as “trainers”, they need to open up a training facility immediately for tankers and maintenance crews and provide the AFU the knowledge and skills to wield these beasts now.

  4. “Germany continues to consider the possibility of sending main battle tanks to Ukraine, but it has to take into account the mood of the population.”

    Such bullshit statements work for the lethargic, brainwashed krauts. Their government doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the mood of its people is. Otherwise, Berlin wouldn’t financially rape the Germans so much. The mood of the people in 2015 was against being invaded by hordes of muslims, but the government didn’t give a rat’s ass about this either. The list could be lengthened beyond my mood to write it.
    In other words, this chickenshit country is lying like their buddies in mafia land.

      • Hurt them where it hurts the most; their pocketbooks. Don’t buy their cars anymore, or other kraut products. Of course, enough people would have to do this for it to work.

        • Already did that. I was supposed to renew an auto lease which I canceled. Unfortunately just sending a letter to the krauts at the auto company and telling them I’m boycotting anything German because of their behavior just doesn’t seem to be enough.

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