BORIS JOHNSON: The sooner we can help the Ukrainians to their inevitable victory, the sooner their suffering will be over

– and the sooner the whole world, including Russia, can begin to recover from Putin’s catastrophe.


  1. I simply cannot understand why Boris got crucified, only to have his party to basically self destruct in the aftermath.

    • Ben Wallace, Jeremy Hunt, James Cleverly and Rishi are indicating that Ukraine policy will not change.
      But a Boris comeback cannot be ruled out.
      The opposition Labour Party are so piss poor that they may well be defeated again in the next GE. I hope so anyway.

  2. “Those heroic people are fighting for all of us. The Ukrainians are fighting for the Georgians, for the Moldovans, for the Baltic states, for the Poles – for anyone who might in due time be threatened by Putin’s crazed revanchism and neo-imperialism. They are fighting for the principle that nations should not have their borders changed by force.”

    No land grab can be allowed to succeed in the 21st century, or ever. The putler murder gang must fail.

    “When Ukraine wins, that is a message that will be heard around the world. So let us help them win, not next year or the year after, but this year, 2023; and don’t talk to me, finally, about expense.”

    Amen to that Boris.

    • Yes, don’t talk to me about the expenses. Ukraine is the ONLY nation on earth that has the courage to stand up to a huge maniacal nazi regime capable of destroying continents. Why not arm them with whatever they want and rid the planet of its major scourge? The history book will be filled with pages of heroism and moral clarity and also full of cowardice and squabbling about budgets, escalation and NATO loopholes. Shame on those nations that don’t empty their warehouses of dust covered weapons and hand them over to the heroes of our era.

  3. If only others in all the relevant capital cities would think as Boris thinks. They don’t think, they only react, and this weakly, slowly and in small steps. Dreadful!

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