3.2% of the annual US Defense budget goes to Ukraine

From the LinkedIn page of Dmytro B.

Jan 22

I am a US tax payer, and I’m giving Ukraine my money!
I once heard this from a US citizen who was quite skeptical about Ukraine.
I said: OK, bro, you are right. You give Ukraine money, but let’s clarify how much precisely you give.
$27.5 billion is the total military aid to Ukraine so far, both funds and equipment.
$27.5 billion = 3.2% of the annual US defense budget.
$27.5 billion = $3.5 per week from each taxpayer of US.
So as a US tax payer you pay $3.5/week or $14/month.
The whole military budget of the US is designed to counter just 2 countries: Russia and China. Russia is much more dangerous nowadays.
So for the price of a Netflix subscription, the US counters the main threat to itself, its taxpayers, and the whole world.
This sounds like a good deal, isn’t it?


  1. Really, I am very glad that you guys are fighting russia so well, and I know that can’t happen without the United States being the strongest supporter.

    But for myself, there’s about maybe a third of every month’s income getting absorbed by taxes. I know that comparatively, only a small percentage of that is money getting sent to the other side of the world to a war that isn’t directly affecting me (except for my income), the American news media has been keeping the public here focused a lot on the aid we’re sending to Ukraine, so the money we spend on that is also an unspoken “focus.” If Ukraine weren’t in the news so much, the war’s expenses wouldn’t be getting that reminder as well. The American government is spending a lot more money on other projects like building special eddy pools in streams for endangered fish, or “clinics” in New York State for drug addicts to use their drugs under “supervision.” Because of this, then I think the news is trying to distract me with the war, and how much we’re wasting on other projects elsewhere. If other Americans get angry at seeing so much of our money getting lost to taxes during a period of high inflation, then that anger is directed at whatever is in the news, in this case, Ukraine’s war.

  2. Related : Oleksii Goncharenko on Estonia today (trans) :

    !! ️ Estonia gave all its 155 mm howubicí to Ukraine!

    This was reported by our General Staff.

    According to the Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Kaimo Kuuska, Estonia wants to set a precedent in such a way that other countries have no excuses why someone cannot provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs to win the war.

    The Estonian government has approved the following and currently the largest package of military assistance to Ukraine total cost 113 million euros:

    ✅dozens of 155mm FH-70 and 122mm D-30 cap
    ✅ thousands of 155 mm caliber artillery shells
    ✅ hundreds of Karl-Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers with ammunition
    ✅ means of supporting artillery units

    Thus, total military assistance to Ukraine is over 1% of Estonia’s GDP.

    In addition, Estonia will continue to provide as basic, so and specialized preparation of military zsu.

    There are no words to express gratitude to this small country with a big heart that has always stood on the side of Ukraine. Thank you, Estonia!

    • Good info, and Estonia borders Mordor so it means even more for the fight of freedom. On the other hand, why on earth do western Europeans need hundreds of tanks for? Artillery? Patriots? They are being protected by NATO and Ukraine.

  3. The United States is having its most dangerous and largest foe get destroyed for cheap money!

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