“Wagnerivtsi” defeated in Donbas: a National Guard officer spoke about the change in tactics of the Russians

Anna Bredykhina10:40, 22.01.23

“Wagner” PMC has suffered such losses that it cannot restore, the National Guard soldier noted.

The Russian private military company “Wagner” was actually defeated in many sections of the Bakhmut-Soledar direction, and now the enemy’s tactics have changed.

“Wagner” PMC suffered irreparable losses, Volodymyr Nazarenko, an officer of the  Svoboda” battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, said on the air of the telethon.

“We understand that the private military company “Putin’s cook” (Yevgena Prigozhin – Ed.) is actually broken, because it suffered such losses that it cannot restore. They now have a deficit of 73-80% of full-time positions, and they can no longer recruit… We can say that in many areas the company of mercenaries was replaced by regular units consisting of newly mobilized people,” he said.

According to him, the enemy did not spare sending the “Wagnerians” to slaughter again and again, did not take away the wounded and killed.

“They even observed the situation that they were strengthening the dugouts with their “two hundred” (liquidated – Ed.)… to protect themselves from bullets and shells, etc.,” Nazarenko explained.

He noted that the tactics of the occupiers in the direction of Bakhmut-Soledar have changed a little, and the so-called “Wagnerians” are used less, because the Ukrainian army destroyed a fairly significant part.

The enemy began to use armored vehicles and artillery even more, as was the case in Severodonetsk and Rubizhny. The city of Bakhmut is constantly “ironed” by artillery, they constantly try to take the roads under fire control, but they do not succeed.

Also, according to Nazarenko, there is a certain shelling hunger on the part of the enemy, because they cannot afford to fire around the clock.

“It is easier for them to send a dozen of their soldiers than a dozen shells, but the mobilized ones are not so disciplined, and they do not have the fear of the blocking units of the “Wagner”…”, – explained the representative of the National Guard.

As for the situation in Bakhmut, according to Nazarenko, the enemy did not enter the city and did not even come close to it.

“As for Soledar, these are several square kilometers of destroyed streets and these are the territories they control. Nothing helps them, because there is nowhere to hold on, they stand like targets in a shooting range for our artillery. That is why we constantly say that we need drones and Western artillery,” he said.

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  1. You guys might not know that even the vaunted VDV, far more organized and skilled, were mostly trained to land & take over against civilian & resistant populations.

    Burly egotists, but increasingly disciplined and determined to be the mini-bosses for their imaginary maxi-boss Putin.

    Everybody THINKS their nation to be exceptional, the “best.”

    But THAT can’t really be your highest ethic.
    Chix , finally, WON’T dig ya.

    They’d sorta like better someone who is capable of love, rather than fast rape.

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