The treasonous position of the German chancellor Olaf Scholtz must be understood in a historic context.

From the LinkedIn page of Palle Mathiasen

Jan 22

It is of paramount importance that the free world promptly delivers main battle tanks for Ukraines self defense.

The free world must ignore Germanys attempt to block weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

The treasonous position of the German chancellor Olaf Scholtz must be understood in a historic context.

In his youth Olaf Scholtz was a declared Marxist and during the Cold War he opposed the defensive deployment of American weapons including nuclear weapons to Western Europe. Please note that he opposed this at the same time as the USSR was deploying hundreds of nuclear missiles targeting Western Europe.

Olaf Scholtz was on the wrong side of history.

Later in his life Olaf Scholtz had a close relationship with then German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder who is intimately connected to Vladimir Putin. Since leaving public office, Schröder has “worked” for Russian state-owned energy companies, including Nord-Stream, Rosneft and Gazprom. Effectively Gerhard Schroeder worked for Vladimir Putin – and he is even at risk of being sanctioned by the United States.

Olaf Scholtz and Germany is today acting in the interest of Russia, and its genocidal army. He is on the wrong side of history again.

The Main Battle Tanks must go to Ukraine.

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  1. Olaf Scholz is not only traitor to democratic values, he is also very corrupt. In a normal country, he would be behind bars. In others, he’d be pushing daisies. Both are better options than to have this creature lead a nation. His position within Germany degrades the country into being a pathetic bootlicker for Vlad.

  2. Funny thing though, socialists criticize Scholz harshly for too much support to Ukraine.

    A free Ukraine is not what socialists want to see.

    Personally, I object to the language calling a return of Crimea to Ukraine as a “total military defeat on Russia, a nuclear armed power”. It’s not. Russia would still stand as it was before. Occupation of Moscow would be the defeat.

    Socialists need not fear that one of their great heroes is at risk.

  3. It’s nice to see someone who ha actually investigated some rather weighty Circumstantial evidence.
    I had just noted this background a few times in comments here & there. We tend to HOLD some of our early beliefs.
    And, after all, Putin was doing some counterintel work (that’s primarily obfuscating, using mixed information and Disinformation), right there in E. Berlin.

    Politicians sometimes use the skill, and Scholtzie seems to love making energetically allied statements while persisting in the opposite.

    From Marx to Marks, from walls that crash to cash.
    That happens to be the Oligarch’s trail, too, pardners.

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