Scholz was under Stasi surveillance; report

Elizabeth Schumacher

01/13/2022January 13, 2022

Current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz traveled to the GDR several times in the 1980s as a leader of his party’s youth wing. He was granted special treatment in the former East, then followed home and spied on in Hamburg.

An investigation by German mass-market Bild newspaper revealed on Monday that Chancellor Olaf Scholz was under surveillance by the Stasi – the East German secret police – throughout the 1980s.

Scholz, then a lawyer living in Hamburg, traveled to the former East Germany (GDR) several times in his capacity as a leader in the youth wing of his Social Democratic Pary (SPD).

Scholz said the newspaper’s report did not come as a surprise.

“Of course, I am aware of the fact that I was spied on,” he said Thursday. “It’s not pretty, but that’s how it is.”

Special treatment in East Germany

According to the Stasi documents seen by Bild, the agents had identified Scholz as an “old school political professional, who has a lot of influence.” They instructed their colleagues to give Scholz and his companions special treatment, such as “visas for Berlin, no fees” and to give them “polite clearance, without customs control.”

He was also allowed to enter without the required exchange of currency at a rate favorable to the GDR.

The future chancellor was also watched, along with a dozen other SPD colleagues, when he returned to Hamburg. Some of this information was also passed along to the Soviet secret police, the KGB. The KGB worked closely with the Stasi and even maintained an office in their Berlin headquarters.

Throughout the 80s, the Stasi had more than 3,000 informants in West Germany, providing the East German secret police with information about prominent political and business figures as well as artists, intellectuals, activists and even regular Germans.

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  1. I’ve mentioned previously that Scholtz began as a Marxist. Marx developed his philosophy early in industrial age, believing that only violent overthrow could establish equal rights. Another error of Marx’s was that “workers of the world” would “unite.’
    Every organism on earth is originally self-centered – humans happen to have a secondary capacity shared with some other social mammals, to sacrifice for others, a phenomenon we refer to as courage – the French word meaning “heartness.”

    We are often too jealous of our social prospects to be so fully kind, a cognitive sensation we also call love.
    Scholtz, may or may not be caught up in competing confusions.

    Or, it might just be that he defines Germanness through cash equivalences.

    Poles, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Czechs, Slovaks and some others recognize some persistent venomousness in the Kremlin and its slavish followers, though, and are in the process – the Tallinn Commitment, to establish a more effective NATO, if smaller.
    Even Morocco is sending T-72s to Czechia for restoration to give to Ukraine.
    Poland sends 40, and others send and contemplate what they can, what can be spared. Even France’s Macron has come fully around to the necessity, assessing how many of their Main Battle Tanks can be spared without becoming vulnerable to Kremlin’s murderous slaves.

    Due to NATO’s poisoning by Erdogan and Orban, I would hope that the USA and others join the Tallinn Commitment.

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