Sandown-type minesweepers for the Navy of Ukraine went to sea under the Ukrainian flag

A Ukrainian flag was raised over one of the Ukrainian minesweepers of the Sandown type.

The photos were published by UkDefenceJournal, they were taken by photographer Dave Cullen. This is reported by the  Industrial Portal with reference to Military .

Both ships “Chernigiv” and “Cherkasy” went to sea.

Currently, Ukrainian crews are undergoing training on ships that previously belonged to the Royal Navy of Great Britain.

Minesweeper “Chernihiv” minesweeper. Photo: Michael Cuthbert

It is noted that the ships are located outside Rosyth (Scotland), where the Babcock shipyard is located. Modernization works were carried out there.

The day before, photos of minesweepers were published  on Twitter by Michael Cuthbert.

Cherkasy minesweeper. Photo: Michael Cuthbert

The names of the future ships of the Navy of the Sandown project became known in September 2022. 

In the summer, information appeared that Ukrainian sailors are in Great Britain on training and mastering future minesweepers of the Navy.

Photo: Twitter/HMS Blyth


  • Displacement : 450 tons (full)
  • Length : 52.6 meters
  • Width : 10.5 meters
  • Draft : 2.4 meters
  • Speed : up to 13 knots on a diesel power plant, up to 6.5 knots on an electric one
  • Crew : 34 people
  • Armament : 30 mm combat module and three 12.7 mm machine guns
  • Special equipment : Atlas Elektronik IMCMS automated mine action control system

As a reminder, the Ukrainian Navy is to receive two Sandown minesweepers under the agreement between Ukraine and Great Britain, which was ratified in January 2022.


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