Budanov: employee of GUR Kireev was killed in a SBU car, and his body was thrown into the street

Yana Stavska13:10, 22.01.23

On this occasion, Budanov met with the head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov. It was their last meeting.

The banker, a participant in the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations, Denys Kireev, who was liquidated as a Russian spy in the spring, was a full-time employee of the Ministry of Defense’s GUR, the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense Kyrylo Budanov said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“Was Kireev a Russian spy, unequivocally no, he was not. This is probably the only thing I will comment on… I share the opinion and believe the facts that Mr. Kireev was killed in a SBU car when they (SBU employees) held an event regarding this person. This fact is recorded, it is in the investigation materials. Everything else – the investigation is conducted by the SBI. I have no right to comment on this information. The fact that he was killed in this car by employees is a fact,” Budanov answered.

According to Budanov, SBU employees invited Kireev to the central building of the special service, but he was killed a few blocks from this building. “The facts are: a person who went to the SBU building at the invitation of the SBU, 200 meters away, before reaching the building, was intercepted, taken a little further than to this building, and the corpse was thrown into the street. These are the facts. That’s all,” said Budanov.

On this occasion, Budanov met with Ivan Bakanov, then head of the SBU. It was their last meeting.

Budanov explained that Kireev was given the task of delaying negotiations with Russia in order to “buy time”: “Because Mr. Kireev personally knew two people from that negotiation process who represented the Russian side.

When asked who, in Budanov’s opinion, could have arranged the murder, the head of the GUR replied that these people “intended to prevent us from interfering in someone else’s game and prolonging this process in order to allow our Armed Forces, let’s say, take certain actions to repel the enemy”.

“If you remember those events, then the situation was close to critical. I think you should remember that. And there was a certain number of people who, let’s say, did not really want Ukraine to win. This is my personal opinion I emphasize once again,” said Budanov. To clarify whether these people are from Ukraine, he noted: “First of all, from the Ukrainian side. This is first of all.”

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