Why don’t we come to an agreement?

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Jan 21

Why don’t we come to an agreement?
In spite of all the atrocities of today, in spite of hundreds of missiles and thousands of barbarians who are spreading all over our land.
 Why is it important to come the one and only right end of this war?
 Because we will always remember… Remember the absolute evil that brought Russians on our land.
 We will remember…
 … fear in children’s eyes. Their premature adulting in cold shelters.
 … fathers’ tears because of their lost sons…
 … little girls who will never smile to their young mothers whose hair got white and who aged forever.
 … torn by despair families who were deprived of their beloved homes, beloved streets, cafes, where they passed time with their friends.

 Now there is nothing. Only graves of relatives and friends. Of those happy people…

 … the endless rows of dead, of our best people. Of those who protect their land, their families from the hordes of Russian rapers. Those who are ready to pay the highest price – their own lives for the lives of their closest ones.
… every day waiting for the deadly missiles and screaming of sirens so that we could see later the remains of our colourful rooms, where fruits are still on tables; and hear our dying neighbours moaning under the wreckages.
 … completely destroyed life in a beautiful country that preferred Freedom to the concentration camp habits of the Russian sadists.

 All of this because an evil troops of predators, broiling in the eternal hatred, came to our houses. To Kill.

 We will always remember that Russia is an absolute symbol of death and destruction…

And if we don’t drag this abomination to light, don’t put it on the bench of the of the accused, don’t catch every killer, the evil won’t disappear.

It will only swell and demand more and more murders.
They will laugh at us, mock, spit on the graves of our children.

They will cry with their iron throats “We want more of Ukrainian blood”.

That is why we are in pain for all the blood we split, that is scary.

But we need to go down this road till the end. Definitely. So that every Russian face would hide in horror anticipation of justice. Today, tomorrow, forever…

Podolyak_Mykhailo, adviser to the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


“In general, we can conclude that today’s Ramstein meeting will strengthen our resilience. The partners are firm in their attitude – they will support Ukraine as much as necessary for our victory.

Yes, we will still have to fight for the supply of modern tanks, but every day we make it more obvious there is no alternative to making the decision on tanks.

I thank all partners who firmly supported the Ukrainian position in the discussions that took place.

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦” President Zelenskyy


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