There may be more alarms: large-scale “exercises” of the Federal Air Transport Agency will be held in Belarus today

Yana Stavskaya 07:22, 01/21/23 UNIAN

In recent days, the number of air alerts has increased, directly related to the activity of Russian aviation in Belarus.

Exercises of the Russian army continue in Belarus /
Exercises of the Russian army continue in Belarus /

The activity of Russian military aviation will increase today. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the continuation of large-scale tactical flight “exercises” at all airfields in the country.

According to the press service of the ministry, aviation of Russia and Belarus from all airfields and air defense forces “will continue to perform tasks as intended.”

“Today, within the framework of the joint tactical flight exercise of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, aviation units from all airfields of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces continue to perform tasks as intended,” the message says.

Enemy aviation activity in Belarus

In recent days , the number of air alerts has increased , directly related to the rise of Russian fighters into the sky of Belarus.

Thus, under the guise of joint exercises, Russia is building up its military aviation forces in Belarus, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is a growing threat of missile and air strikes, the use of kamikaze drones on the territory of Ukraine from the airspace of Belarus.

On January 15, according to Belarusian observers Gayun, four cargo planes of the Russian aerospace forces and eight fighter jets arrived in Belarus. According to observers, at least some of the cargo planes brought something, possibly ammunition for fighters.

At present,  there are no threats of an offensive by the Belarusian army , according to the White House. However, by the end of the year, Minsk may transfer its troops to invade Ukraine,   the Institute for the Study of War noted .


    • I’ve been thinking about the partisans too lately. Haven’t heard anything about them sabotaging something. But, I hope that they’re still active.

  1. Ukraine should’ve invaded Belarus. I think that this would’ve been a smart strategic move. Luka would be gone, the airfields free of mafia bombers, many Belarusians would be free to join Ukraine to fight mafia land, and the military material not yet stolen by mafia land in the hands of the Ukrainian army.

    • They should have of course. But they did not then and still do not now have sufficient manpower. They don’t even have enough to defend Bakhmut unfortunately.
      They perhaps could have expedited such a huge operation with the assistance of long range missiles, ATACM’s, drone swarms, shitloads MBT’s and more. But they never were given that luxury, thanks to the recalcitrance of the allies.

      • I know that any such discussion is pointless, but Ukraine already has large assets along the Belarusian border anyway, and they could’ve used them to take advantage of the situation before mafia land started moving men and material back into the country. A quick and decisive drive to Minsk with the help of Belarusian opposition and partisans would have ended Luka’s regime. Now, it’s too late.

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