The USA reacted to the potential transfer of F-16s by the Netherlands to Ukraine

Yana Stavska08:38, 21.01.23

The American ambassador to the OSCE called it correct to discuss the transfer of more modern weapons to Ukraine.

US Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter said that he expects broad support in the US for a possible decision by the Netherlands to transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine , he said in an interview with Delfi .

Asked whether the White House was ready to allow the Netherlands to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, the ambassador said: “We have long held the view that what our allies supply is their business. And we support the countless (defense) contributions that our allies contributed for Ukraine”.

Carpenter called it correct to discuss the transfer of more modern weapons to Ukraine compared to last year, when Kiev was mainly handed over Soviet-made equipment.

“And so I expect there will be broad support in the United States from our allies who will continue to step up their contributions,” Carpenter said.

F-16 for Ukraine – what is known

On the eve of Ramstein, the Dutch authorities announced that they were ready to consider Ukraine’s request for the supply of F-16 fighter jets. Immediately after that, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the West to provide Ukrainian pilots with modern combat aircraft.

Back in September, the edition ” Politico ” wrote about the success of negotiations between Ukraine and the United States regarding the transfer of the Patriot and F-16 systems.

The main reason why America is delaying the transfer of fighter jets , according to expert Serhii Grabskyi, is that they need to deploy a repair and industrial base, train pilots and technical personnel.

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  1. Good news, but hopefully not too late. We’re getting close to the one-year anniversary of this terrible war. God forbid having such scared and slow reacting politicians if bat virus land was to start a military action.

  2. To Zelensky: The Dutch have (American) nukes too…………………no questions, no answers……..:-)

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