The Ministry of Defense buys products for the military 2-3 times more expensive than in a Kyiv supermarket – media

Marta Hychko12:52, 21.01.23

The Ministry of Defense signed a contract for more than 13 billion hryvnias with Active Company Ltd.

The Ministry of Defense buys products for military personnel 2-3 times more expensive than in retail stores in Kyiv.

This is stated in the investigation of the founder of the “Our Money” project, Yuriy Nikolov, based on a copy of the agreement worth 13.16 billion hryvnias concluded on December 23 by the Ministry of Defense for the provision of food services in 2023 for military units stationed in Poltava, Sumy, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Cherkasy regions.

The documents indicate that the Ministry of Defense approved the purchase of food products for soldiers at prices that are several times higher than the prices of the Silpo chain of stores in the sleeping area of ​​the capital.

Among the contracted:

  • eggs at UAH 17 per piece, while the retail price in a store in Kyiv is now about UAH 7 per piece;
  • potatoes at UAH 22 per kilogram, when the retail price in the store is UAH 8–9;
  • chicken thigh for 120 UAH per kilogram, and in the store – 80 UAH.

These are retail prices only, wholesale prices are even lower. The Ministry of Defense ignored journalistic inquiries regarding this agreement.

Price comparison /
Price comparison /

Before the invasion, in 2021, the prices in the contract for the food of fighters in the same regions were as follows: eggs at UAH 3.6–3.9 per piece, potatoes at UAH 10.56, chicken thigh at UAH 67 per kilogram. As the journalist notes, even if inflation is taken into account, the difference is still impressive, because the increase in prices for the year was 26.6%, and not 266. If we take into account the abnormal increase in the price of eggs for the year by 99%, then this year they should cost the most 8 hryvnias per piece, not 17. 

“Yes, an attentive reader will note that the contract is not only about the purchase, but also about the provision of food services. Maybe that is why it is more expensive? No, if you delve into the document, you will see that the services are really there as a separate item of expenses in 30 million hryvnias, that is, 0.2% of the total amount of the contract, not even 2% and definitely not twice,” the investigation says.

The Ministry of Defense signed a contract for more than 13 billion hryvnias with Active Company Ltd. In 2021, the VAT certificate of this company was canceled due to lack of supplies and failure to submit declarations.

More than three years ago, this company became a participant in criminal proceedings for providing a forged act to participate in a tender for the supply of beef for institutions for the execution of punishments and pretrial detention centers of the State Criminal Enforcement Service.

“In other words, “Active Company” is most likely a “pad” created by professionals in the field of food supply for the military. This company already had small government orders in previous years, but its star shone only now, when the information about the procurement of the Ministry of Defense was completely hidden in Prozorro.” – it is noted in the material.

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  1. This type of shit needs ending long before now, but especially now.

    The lowest of the low parasite, and lower than them are those who parasite in wartime.

  2. It’s simply sickening! It’s bad enough having such debased corruption in peace time, but it’s far sicker to have it in such terrible times as now. Such parasites should be executed … publicly!!!

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