Russian occupiers convert kindergartens into military hospitals – General Staff

 21 JANUARY 2023

Due to significant losses, Russian occupation forces in Kherson Oblast are converting kindergartens into military hospitals.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote: “In addition to taking over hospitals in the temporarily occupied settlements in Kherson Oblast, which are now overflowing, Russian occupiers are converting kindergartens into military hospitals.”

Details: The General Staff has said that over 300 injured Russian soldiers are currently being treated in the surgical department of the Starobilsk city hospital in Luhansk Oblast.

Meanwhile, new staff have been brought in to replace existing medical personnel in the Nyzhni Sirohozy main hospital, in Kherson Oblast. Only Russian occupiers can now receive treatment at the hospital.

Similarly, in Kalanchak, Kherson Oblast, all local doctors have been fired. Medical personnel from Crimea have been brought in instead; they provide services exclusively to Russian military personnel. 

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  1. So, now they are contaminating even Ukrainian kindergartens with their rancid blood! Bleach will be a sought after commodity when the cockroaches have been cleansed from the country.
    I wonder what criteria the cockroaches go by to give aid to some wounded while letting others become dog food.

  2. Putinazis come to murder innocent Ukrainians and then convert kindergartens and requisition Ukrainian hospitals for exclusive treatment of fucking orcs.
    It truly is a cauldron of devilry. The punishment must grow exponentially and continue for 100 years. Unless a miracle happens; ie the emergence of a democratic Russia led by the likes of Khodorkovsky, Kasparov and Kara-Murza.

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