Lukashenko leads Putin by the nose, promising support – GUR

Evgenia Sokolenko18:28, 21.01.23

It is noted that the president of Belarus does not want to take suicidal actions.

The GUR stated that there is currently no threat of an open invasion by Belarus into the territory of Ukraine. President of the Republic of Belarus Oleksandr Lukashenko leads the Russian leader Vladimir Putin by the nose.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the GUR press service, explained on the air of the telethon that the rumors about the alleged invasion of Belarus are only part of Russia’s psychological operation.

Ukrainian intelligence knows everything about the Belarusian president and the regime in the country. In particular, about the number of strike groups, the readiness of forces, means and other points that allow us to assert the absence of a threat. However, if the situation changes, Ukraine is ready and has already worked out all possible scenarios.

“It is in the interests of Putin and Russia to push the topic of Belarus as much as possible, but Lukashenko doesn’t really play it either. Recently, we saw how he led Lavrov by the nose, told how much he loves Putin, and then said that he does not see a threat from Ukraine. No wants to take suicidal actions,” Yusov said.

Threat from Belarus

The intelligence of Western countries and Ukraine indicate that the aggressor country is preparing for a new stage of escalation. One of the possible directions is  Belarus , which the Russian Federation is currently using to train the mobilized and then send them to Ukraine, as well as to transfer equipment.

According to the DPSU  , there are currently about 11,000 Russian military personnel on the territory of Belarus , but their number changes periodically. According to the head of the DPSU, the border guards do not record an increase in groups of Russian and Belarusian troops near the Ukrainian border. 

John Kirby, the representative of the White House Security Council, said that the USA has not yet seen confirmation of the intentions of the  Belarusian army to invade Ukraine .

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  1. The defeat of Ukrsine would equal the defeat of all ex-Soviet republics by RuSSia and turn them into slaves. Luka should change sides and save his ass and the asses of his people.

  2. I think that Luka is breathing a big sigh of relief now. I can’t imagine that the squabbles in mafia land between Putler, the Wagner scum, the Kadyrovite sludge and the mafia military has gone unnoticed by him. He’s always been shrewder than Vlad anyway, and he sees the dwarf being distracted by the internal strife. Maybe he will get braver and try to rip the mafia shackles off his wrists. This could be his last chance to do so.
    Luka, grab the phone and call Kyiv!

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