It’s easier for everyone to “clean up” Putin: a political scientist talked about the end of the Russian Federation and the victory of Ukraine

Olena Vorobey23:50, 21.01.23

Nobody wants to live in constant nuclear threats.

Political scientist Mykola Davidyuk talked about the end for Russia and the victory of Ukraine. He mentioned the “prophecy” of an American spy connected to the CIA. According to the expert, the world does not need Putin, it is easier to “clean up” him.

“The states never make us wait for a long time. We would, of course, like everything to be fabulous at once. But look, last year – 23 billion dollars in aid. This is approximately like our entire budget. Moreover, Putin even did not understand what happened. If he understood the scale of the help of the States, then at the same moment he would have used tactical nuclear weapons. They did it psychologically and logistically so subtly, of course with our specialists, that Putin did not even understand what happened. And we cleared most of the territories he occupied,” Davidyuk said.

He recalled George Friedman, the head of one of the intelligence agencies in the United States and the owner of a private intelligence agency. In 2009, he published the book “The Next 100 Years”. In it, Friedman predicted that Russia would attack Ukraine in 2020-2030. He clearly indicated that our country will win. But the Russian Federation is no longer mentioned, it simply will not exist.

According to Davydyuk, this “plan” is now being actively implemented. The political scientist recalled that in the USA there was talk of reducing tensions in relations with China. According to the expert, this clearly indicates that the world does not want to live in conditions of chaos and war.

“No one wants to live in fascism, constant nuclear threats, constant bunker madness. Well, Putin likes to live in a bunker, hang out there with the Prigozhins, with all of them,” Davidyuk noted.

The world does not want to take into account Putin’s ambitions, to live in the dark. And that’s why, the political scientist believes, it’s easier for everyone to “clean up” the bloody dictator and not accept his plan.

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  1. He shouldn’t assume that the whole world feels that way. Some sewage sludge in certain trash countries is perfectly all right to live with this demon.

  2. It IS essential that the Russian Federation be dissolved, as it has long been heir to a dangerous, violent culture. This is evident not only due to present and past atrocious invasive war, but also from the fat that the most prosperous professions and work availability has been associated with military industries – study the specific economics to discover that.

    Alliances are formed – to address the comment above – PRIMARILY due to the evolutionary FACT that we animals are most vicious in response to threat we perceive.
    When considering alliances, look to the participants’ assessment of threat. Whether this perception is real or false on individual or group scales is immaterial; it is the PERCEPTION that rules our responses, our viciousness.

    Remember also that highly aggressive individuals tend to be psychopathic- callous, unable to understand the equivalent value of another, both perceiving and using others as mere tools for personal survival and more: social advantage/dominance, as from earliest life we perceive our desires FIRST.

    Ukraine military, BY THE WAY, attempts to reinforce moral ideas EXCLUDING “name-calling” for a VERY GOD REASON.
    That reason is the inevitably ensuing fall into the SAME cognitive fallacy I mentioned occurring in psychopaths. That others are beneath one’s moral or actual estimation of worth.

    Neither oneself nor others should be so regarded as initially unworthy of mercy, when vulnerable to us.
    We MAY have to kill the actually attacking lethally dangerous, but, deluded as another is, should he cease, the only necessity is to strip him of both capability and desire to harm.

    THAT is why such individuals are completely REMOVED from a community..

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