“Breakthrough”: Ukrainian tank crews to start training with German Leopard 2

20 JANUARY 2023

Ukraine made an agreement about training its tank crews on German Leopard 2 tanks, even though the decision about supplying Ukraine with them has not been made yet.

Source: Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, in an interview for Holos Ameryky (Voice of America)

Quote: “There has been a breakthrough – a possibility for the countries that have the Leopard tanks in their possession to start training missions and courses for our tank crews. We will begin at that and then will move further.

I hope that after conducting its own covert internal consultations, Germany will make the decision about possible supply of the tanks. I am optimistic about this.

The first step was made: we will start training programs for [Ukrainian] crews on Leopard 2.”

Details: Before the meeting of the Ministers of Defence at the Ramstein air base in Germany, Ukraine turned to its allies asking for modern Western tanks, but there have been no announcements about such a supply.

Reznikov stated that the agreements about the training were made thanks to the recent decisions: Poland’s concerning Leopards, and Britain’s concerning Challengers.

Within the framework of the Ramstein meeting, a gathering of the representatives of the countries that have the German-made Leopard 2 tanks at their disposal was held as well. 

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  1. That’s great! I was thinking about this recently, that there might be clandestine training on Leopards already going on, and now, this good news out in the open. Maybe that’s even been going on for a while. Thank you very much, P????d.

  2. Great!
    Last year, Zaluzhny said he will win if he gets 300 Abrams (or equivalent, presumably), an unspecified number of F16’s or equivalent, much more artillery, more HIMARS, but fitted with ATACM’s and more IFV’s.
    Let’s give him an embarrassment of riches for once! Make it 500 MBT’s.

    • It’s already a given that in future history books, the West will be admonished for unnecessarily prolonging the war with its panicky attitude towards mafia land and reluctant behavior in helping Ukraine to full extent. They’re not only to blame for undue death, suffering, and destruction, but also wasting taxpayer’s money.

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