Video Fact: Ditch Filled With Bodies Of Wagner Fighters Found In Soledar

The occupants thought they had hidden from Ukrainian artillery


On January 18, Ukrainian commander Magyar published a video of the positions of the Wagner PMC mercenaries on the western outskirts of Soledar in Donetsk Region: it shows the transformation of the enemy’s live force into an unliving one.

The information was made public on the commander’s Telegram channel.

The commentator’s voice claims that the screen is now showing a figure lying contest.

First, the drone camera shows a canal near a ruined bridge on the outskirts of Soledar.

Inside the deep ditch are several Wagner fighters. They are comfortably half-lying on fairly flat walls, moving from place to place.

For a moment the image fades. The next image shows the same ditch, but after the Ukrainian artillery has worked out.

The commentator notes that we now see something else: Russian non-moving stock. Remnants of the occupants scattered with earth in various poses in the previously inhabited ditch.

The total estimated number of Wagner fighters is 15.

The report does not specify which artillery unit struck the blow. The report concludes: if the mercenaries wanted Ukrainian salt so much, now they have it – plenty.

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OSINT analysts geolocated the recording and determined the coordinates of the ditch – 48°41’46.6 “N 38°01’23.8 “E.

If we place the point on the map, it becomes clear that the ditch is on the road that goes from Soledar to the T-0513 highway: it goes through Blagodatne in the direction of Bakhmut.

The distance from the point of the hit to the road is about 500m.

If you look closely at the map, it is clear that this is indeed where the bridge is located. It could be the bridge crossing on the Blagodatne-Soledar road.

The bridge crossing was commissioned in October 2017 – the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Pavel Zhebrivsky, came to the opening ceremony.


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