US Dept of Defense New Aid Package for Ukraine

Jan 20, 2023

US Department of Defense announced a $2.5 billion aid package to Ukraine. It will include:


  1. I will still hold on to faith that some how some way God Almighty will see to it that Ukraine gets the Leopard 2 tanks it needs. May He turn the Kremlin’s joy into sorrow, and their dancing into weeping.

  2. Poland, actually realizing the danger of Russia existing into the future, and recognizing the combination of venality of the coalition leading party and Scholtz’s unwillingness to rock the German economic boat hull that Russia had suddenly openly stove in with energy blackmail,
    has been given Europe’s lead role.

    A quick forensic examination of Scholtz’s body is in order:

    Scholtz’s coalition was centered upon internal German economic affairs. He began his political career as a Marxist when that was still popular with such as Putin and German profiteers East of the Wall.
    Marxism is a philosophy calling for internal violence, and the only remnant of that may remain in Scholtz’s intransigence!
    Olaf was particularly outraged by US weaponry in Germany (SHADES of Present Prez Putin!), and presently Scholtzie desires that Germany take reduced responsibility in international affairs- and THIS may minor evaluation from a stranger may be the key to understanding his submissive attitudes
    Let’s not judge Germany itself by a coalition of minorities- Take this lesson home with you.

    Scholtze was brand new, perhaps naive about the role of administrators in international affairs.
    So, you have
    1. Astonishing seeming naivete’.
    2. Early worship of Soviet “workers’ paradises.
    3. stolid determination and refusal to let new events or information in (this is the description of conservatism, but since brains are actually evolved to favor what was learned early in life, we are all conservative, just NOT politically – Brains and cognitive sciences are my primary area of study, and i often get caught up explaining to abstruse extents, so perdoname, por favor)
    4. A Perhaps a belief in compromise – this is QUITE visible – leading to his Chamberlain Error, when at least the firmness found in any Ukrainian fingernail is indispensable.

    What infinitesimal credit can be given to Olie, or Faffie (your choice) is his appointment of Foreign Minister who emphasizes the need to unleash the Leopards (whose evolved prey IS Primates and Little Hominids alone in their imaginary Kremlins (the word MEANS “fortress”)

    So, Industrial Giant of Europe, led to present itself posturing in lordosis position like female mouse.

    These findings may be in error, but morality, integrity, DOES consist in taking a stand once in a while in our ephemeral lives.
    The Polish people, and MOST not prizing a soft, thick wallet cushioning their comfortable seating position, over kindness or a moment’s valor, differ profoundly with chancellors refusing to take a chance for those in dire need

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