Polish Prime Minister: Germany Fears To Supply Leopard To Ukraine Like Devil Fears Holy Water

On January 19, the Bundestag failed to vote in favour of supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine.


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Germany fears supplying German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine like “the devil fears holy water”.

This was reported by The Guardian.

Morawiecki said he was “moderately pessimistic” regarding Germany giving other countries permission to re-export Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

“I am moderately sceptical, moderately pessimistic, because the Germans are defending against this like the devil defends against holy water,” Morawiecki said.

As of January 19, the Bundestag failed to vote in favour of supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The issue of supplying Leopard 1 or Leopard 2 was considered on the initiative of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group.

After a “heated debate”, the Bundestag reportedly referred the issue to the Foreign Affairs Committee for further discussion. The CDU/CSU called for an immediate vote, but failed because of the votes of the coalition factions, AdG and the Left Party.

The AdG stated that “the war cannot be won militarily” and the Left wants to return to diplomacy.


  1. I agree. Whoever knows germanystan, knows that this country is not what it used to be anymore. It is degenerate, weak, and filled with clowns and wusses. I hope that people across the world will punish this asshole country by refusing to buy its over-priced cars.

    • The vote failed because there is no anti-putler party there except the Greens.
      There is an opportunity for a new European trade, political and military bloc consisting exclusively of countries that will have a total trade embargo on Russia. Poland, the UK, Ukraine, the Baltics, Georgia, Moldova, Czechia, Slovakia and maybe a few Scandies for a start. Add to that the other members of the Five Eyes and maybe Japan and South Korea would join.
      Japan is now becoming a serious military power; we need them on board.
      Shit countries like Germany, France, Austria, Hungary etc must be marginalised.

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