The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania said that Ukraine could receive hundreds of tanks after “Rammstein”

Evgenia Sokolenko20:35, 01/19/23

The minister added that some countries will definitely send Leopard tanks.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said that during a meeting of defense ministers at the Ramstein airbase in Germany, several countries will announce the dispatch of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

According to him, the total number of armored vehicles, which will be announced at tomorrow’s meeting, will reach hundreds, writes  The Guardian .

“Some of the countries will definitely send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, that’s for sure,” Anusauskas stressed.

Tanks for Ukraine

As UNIAN reported earlier, the next meeting of the Contact Group on Defense Issues of Ukraine (Ramstein)  will take place on January 20.  Diplomatic adviser to the head of state Andrei Sibiga  said that the results of the so-called “Ramstein-8” should be expected to increase the combat potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Today, January 19, nine countries pledge to provide Ukraine with unprecedented defense support for its success in repelling Russian aggression and expelling Russian troops from the occupied territories. We are talking about tanks, heavy artillery, air defense, ammunition and infantry fighting vehicles.

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  1. They need hundreds. In my opinion, they need at least 3 armored divisions. That would include hundreds of tanks as well as infantry fighting vehicles.

  2. I agree with analysts saying the Abrams M-1 is too complicated and fuel demanding for the Ukraine. But, if that is the requirement to get Germany to transfer and approve transfers of the Leopards, then Abrams should immediately be given.

    I don’t understand Germany either … if attacked over giving tanks, NATO will respond. I don’t see the US also giving tanks as much additional deterrent.

    And if it is security a security concern, the US should deploy Abrams to Germany allowing the transfer of Leopards to Ukraine similar to other reimbursement/transfer schemes. There are plenty of US troops in Germany to maintain the tanks.

    Perhaps it is simply a cost issue … but that’s a quite shortsighted.

    Germany perhaps just needs to very publicly make the case that they have no choice but to provide tanks given the genocide that is occurring, that it is genocide by choice and Russia has never been in any way threatened (even by NATO expansion), and that they’d really prefer to be on good terms with who they thought was their energy producer as they’d planned – but there really isn’t a choice on that …

What is your opinion?