The European Parliament called for the creation of a special tribunal for Putin and Lukashenka

Inna Andalitska14:23, 19.01.23

The most important practical step towards the creation of a special tribunal should be an international special prosecutor’s office to investigate the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

The European Parliament approved a resolution on the creation of a special tribunal to prosecute the top leadership of Russia for crimes of aggression against Ukraine.

Deutsche Welle writes about this , noting that 427 MEPs voted for the document, 19 voted against it, and 33 abstained.

Thus, the European Union and its members should seek the creation of a special international tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression against Ukraine committed by the political and military leadership of Russia, says the Resolution of the European Parliament, adopted on Thursday, January 19, in Strasbourg.

The European Parliament decided that a special tribunal – by analogy with the Nuremberg Trials after the Second World War, where Nazi leaders were tried – should be created in close cooperation with Ukraine and the international community, preferably through the UN.

It is noted that such tribunals were created by the decision of the UN Security Council to prosecute persons guilty of war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

As the publication writes, the main task of the authors of the initiative is to find a common legally sound way to give the court the right to have jurisdiction to prosecute Vladimir Putin, the political and military leadership of the Russian Federation, as well as Alexander Lukashenko and the leadership of Belarus as a state, from the territory of which Russia is leading war against Ukraine.

“The fact is that the top leadership of the country is responsible for crimes of aggression, but it is covered by international immunity from foreign criminal jurisdiction. This means that immunity must be removed for such a tribunal. This requires strong support from the world community, since the UN Security Council is paralyzed in any issue related to the war in Ukraine, because Russia is its permanent member with the right of veto,” the newspaper writes.

Therefore, the EU and Ukraine should seek support in the UN General Assembly and other international forums, actively using public diplomacy and strategic communication, the resolution of the European Parliament emphasizes.

The creation of the tribunal will be a clear signal to both Russian society and the international community that Putin and the leadership of the Russian Federation can stand trial for the crime of aggression in Ukraine, convinced the European Parliament. And this should demonstrate to the political and business elite of Russia and allies of the Kremlin that the country under the leadership of Putin will no longer be able to return to the usual conduct of business with the West, the MEPs emphasize.

The most important practical step on the way to the creation of a special tribunal should be an international special prosecutor’s office to investigate the crime of aggression against Ukraine, the resolution of the European Parliament says. European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders also spoke about this. Speaking before the deputies, he emphasized that before the tribunal starts working, a mechanism for investigating the crime of aggression is needed.

The special international prosecutor’s office will be the first stage in the fight against impunity for this crime committed in Ukraine. According to Reynders, the European Union is already discussing the creation of a prosecutor’s office with official Kyiv, Eurojust and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The Russian Crimes Tribunal – what is known

In September, the issue of a special tribunal for the Russian military and political leadership of Russia was raised by the Czech Republic. London soon joined Prague .

The US also confirmed its readiness to bring Putin and his entourage to justice. In general, the entire West is inclined to think that the trial of Putin and Lukashenka will be a just decision for all the crimes committed by the Russian Federation and Belarus against Ukraine.

At the same time, ex-US ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker believes that the existing legal mechanisms will not be enough to hold Russia accountable for war crimes. Because of Russia’s veto power at the UN, it will be difficult to create a new UN tribunal, he said.

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