Kyrgyzstan took a step to reduce the use of the Russian language

Alexander Topchy20:07, 19.01.23

If the new law is adopted, authorities, enterprises, regardless of their form of ownership, will be required to conduct activities in the Kyrgyz language.

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopted the draft law on the state language in the first reading. It is aimed at establishing the legal framework for the use of the state language and the implementation of language policy.

This was reported by Azattyk Unalgysy . In the first reading, the document was supported by 75 out of 88 registered deputies of the local parliament, one voted against.

The new version of the constitutional law “On the state language of the Kyrgyz Republic” was submitted for public discussion last fall.

If the new law is adopted, state bodies, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of their form of ownership, will be required to conduct their activities in the Kyrgyz language.

In particular, the bill provides that the preparation and conduct of elections, referendums, the conduct of legal proceedings, the activities of law enforcement agencies, the conclusion of international treaties, the writing of regulations, document management should be carried out in the Kyrgyz language. Also, the names of enterprises and government agencies, trademarks, and their own geographical names should be written in the Kyrgyz language.

The publication recalls that on September 23, 1989, a law on the state language was adopted in Kyrgyzstan. Now the Kyrgyz language is the state language, and Russian is the official language. Civil society criticizes the fact that the Kyrgyz language is not given much attention in the country, the document flow in institutions and enterprises is conducted mainly in Russian, meetings are held in Russian.

During the discussion of the bill, the deputies noted the need to create a methodology aimed at easy and effective learning of the Kyrgyz language.

News of Kyrgyzstan

As UNIAN reported, in October 2022, banks in Kyrgyzstan suspended servicing cards of  the Russian payment system Mir. The suspension of servicing Russian cards was then announced by Bakai Bank and Doskredobank.

Earlier that month, the Kyrgyz authorities decided to cancel CSTO training on its territory. The reason for this decision is not named. Command-staff exercises with the CSTO peacekeeping forces “Indestructible Brotherhood-2022” were to be held on the territory of the country in October of this year.

After Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced a  partial mobilization  in September, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, members of the CSTO, and Uzbekistan, which left the organization in 2012,  warned their citizens against participating in the war on the side of Russia and were reminded of criminal liability.

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