Deoccupation of Crimea: the US is ready to help Ukraine in the struggle for the peninsula – NYT

Kateryna Chernoval23:50, 18.01.23

US officials are discussing with their Ukrainian counterparts the use of American weapons to target the Crimean bridge.

The United States of America can provide Ukraine with the weapons necessary for the complete liberation of the occupied Crimea . Although officially the USA adheres to a “hard line” and refused to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons to launch strikes on military bases of Russian troops in Crimea, now this position is beginning to soften.

Several U.S. officials told The New York Times on condition of anonymity that after months of discussions with Ukrainian officials, the Biden administration is beginning to recognize that Ukraine may need force to strike back at the occupiers of Crimea, even if that move increases the risk of escalation.

“The change in position came about because the Biden administration believed that if the Ukrainian military could show Russia that its control of Crimea could be threatened, it would strengthen Kyiv’s position in any future negotiations. Also, according to US officials and experts, fears that the Kremlin would retaliate with tactical nuclear weapons have subsided, although they have warned that the risk remains,” the report said. 

It is noted that the new position on Crimea, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, shows how far the officials of the Biden administration have advanced since the beginning of the Russian war against Ukraine, when they were wary of even publicly admitting that the United States is providing Ukrainian forces with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. Over the course of the war, the United States and its NATO allies gradually moved from Javelin and Stinger supplies to advanced missile systems, Patriot air defense systems, armored fighting vehicles, and even some Western tanks.

Journalists write that American officials are discussing with their Ukrainian counterparts the use of American weapons, from HIMARS missile systems to Bradley fighting vehicles, to possibly target the Crimean bridge. 

“However, President Biden is not yet ready to provide Ukraine with long-range missile systems, which Kiev will need to attack Russian facilities on the peninsula,” the NYT emphasized.

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  1. To worry about “escalation” is silly. It’s war. As Thomas J. Jackson expressed it, “War means fighting and fighting means killing.” You don’t get more escalated than that. If Putin doesn’t like the outcome he should not have started a war.

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