Denmark will transfer almost 20 Caesar howitzers to Ukraine

Evgenia Sokolenko17:57, 19.01.23

The transfer of self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine will delay the deployment of the 1st brigade in Denmark.

Denmark is ready to transfer 19 Caesar self-propelled artillery installations to Ukraine .

The Danish government has already consulted with the parliament during the meeting of the Committee on Foreign Policy, the  press service  of the Danish Ministry of Defense reports.

The Minister of Defense of the country Jakob Ellemann-Jensen welcomed the decision of the parliament and emphasized that self-propelled howitzers are currently very necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I am glad that the vast majority of parliamentary parties support this donation. Denmark has been one of the most active donor countries since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. We must continue to be so,” the minister said.

According to him, it is now important for Denmark to find a balance between helping Ukraine and continuing to strengthen its own defense. In particular, the transfer of self-propelled guns will lead to a delay in the deployment of the 1st Danish brigade. In this regard, Denmark is considering the possibility of quickly acquiring new capabilities.

Caesar self-propelled guns: what is known

Caesar is a self-propelled artillery installation of a new generation. It allows you to hit the enemy at a distance of 20 km or more from the front line with high accuracy. The maximum firing range is 42 km. Rate of fire – six shots per minute.

These self-propelled guns can use several types of 155 mm ammunition, which are used in NATO countries.

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