Britain to send 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine

Jan 19

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to change his calculations in the war and withdraw from Ukraine.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will transfer 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine .

As reported by the British TV channel Sky News , British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said this at a press conference in Estonia.

“If President Putin is betting that we’re going to get tired, he’s wrong,” Wallace said.

The British Defense Minister added that support to Ukraine will continue “this year and next.” He added that Britain will do this in the long term.

Wallace also called on Russia to leave Ukrainian territory. “We are not going anywhere, Mr. Putin. We are in this for a long time. We are on the side of Ukraine. You have to change the calculations, you have to make changes. You have to leave Ukraine,” Wallace emphasized.

He noted that it is vitally important for Russia to understand that it will be pushed out of Ukraine, and Ukrainian sovereignty will be restored.

As the Minister of Defense emphasized, Britain will send 600 Brimstone missiles to help Ukraine in the “theatre of combat”.

This information came after the confirmation of the provision of a certain number of armored vehicles and Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. “This will be incredibly important in order to help Ukraine dominate the battlefield,” added Wallace.

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  1. Some DT readers comments :

    Aminul Islam: “600 more Brimstone missiles? A commendable supply of more and effective ammunitions.
    But can’t we add another zero to it? Make it 6000?
    Even on a pure materialistic view it will pay off much more. Even though most of us are supporting Ukraine from a humane point of view but allowing any chance to the animals of Russia to win will also make sure that we suffer economically in the long term.
    Russia has already got its client states in many regions including the Middle East. Their interests more often than not clash with ours.
    So those of us who are more mercantile among us please be a bit more generous, in sending more (and potent) weapons to Ukraine. Make sure that the growling mangy animals start cowering in pain and scuttle back to their ugly land cursing their elites for sending them to hell.”

    Tim Jeffery: “The German leadership are instrumental in starting this war, in abetting the savagery being visited on their neighbour.
    They are a disgrace.
    One can only think they wanted Russia to take out a country that could start to out-compete it economically.
    Totally disgusted by the German government and its supine voters.”

    Reply from Colin Rowe: “”Disgusted by the German government”
    I absolutely agree. 100%.
    As for the voters, however, please enlighten me with some wisdom.
    Who, exactly, should they vote for?
    The two “main” parties are the CDU/CSU (referred to as the “Union”, roughly equivalent to the Tories) and the SPD (roughly the equivalent of Labour).
    Former Putin-Appeaser-in-Chief was Angela “Mutti” Merkel: Union.
    Current Putin-Appeaser-in-Chief is O(l)af Scholz: SPD.
    The right-wing AfD and left-wing Die Linke are both openly on Putin’s side.
    All parties categorically refuse to form a coalition with the AfD, so they are somewhat irrelevant in terms of government in any case.
    Die Linke is the former East German communist party in its latest disguise, so no surprises there.
    That leaves the pacifist Greens (who, surprisingly, are actually the most outspoken supporters – within the government coalition – of providing Ukraine with heavy weapons, including tanks!!) and the centrist pro-business party FDP (who generally only account for about 3-5% of the vote).
    Given the German electoral system (a complicated form of proportional representation), it is virtually a foregone conclusion that any government will always be a coalition of either CDU/CSU or SPD with one or more of the other parties, or a so-called “grand coalition” of both main parties.
    That being the case, please suggest how it is possible for German voters to elect a government that will actually do anything that could be construed as taking serious action against Putin!”

    Some light relief from M Swain: “It’s 2033 – Putin has dementia and says he hates Russia and all it stands for. He is comfortable and sits quietly in his prison cell in Kyiv waiting for the nurse to change his incontinance pads. He can’t remember how many babies and pregnant women and children he’s murdered but he can remember he once ruled a dictatorship and murdered any opposition. He doesn’t quite understand how he was arrested but he hopes Russia is able to survive being part of Ukraine and NATO. He hates the food and hates everyone who visits. He hates himself. The sun is shining in the distance but Putin will never see the light of day.”

    Reply from Jimmy Jazz : “you want Ukranians to feed him in his cell for 10 years? what for?”

    • “Make sure that the growling mangy animals start cowering in pain and scuttle back to their ugly land cursing their elites for sending them to hell.”

      Nice comment Mr Islam!

      • It depends on how Ukraine will use then.
        If they someone manage to mount them to their aircraft it is plenty.

        They have maybe 20 fighter jets in service, so then 600 is a lot.

        If they will be ground based and launched from trucks like the previous Brimstones provided, then it indeed isn’t a lot.

        But they are weapons of extreme precision so still they will do a lot of damage.

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