AFU Destroyed Seven Russian IFVs With M777 Howitzer

A video of powerful NATO howitzer strikes on the enemy appeared online


Russian troops suffered heavy losses in the Zaporizhzhia axis. The Armed Forces of Ukraine covered a cluster of Russian armoured vehicles near the village of Vodyany with the NATO M777 howitzer.

Danilo Lyashchuk, a Ukrainian soldier, the commander of the Vendetta Group with the call sign ‘Mujahid’, published this footage on Telegram.

The 59th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received intelligence data about the accumulation of Russian military vehicles. They decided to strike. Seven infantry fighting vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces were destroyed by the strike. The Russians, to the delight of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, placed the vehicles next to each other.

‘Mujahid’ showed on video the process of loading the M777 before firing. He noted that this was retaliation for the Russian occupiers for the Dnipro, a missile attack on a high-rise building, in which more than 45 civilians were killed.


  1. We see better and better every day why the Ukrainian troops don’t need a new mobilization. They are motivated and eager to clean Ukraine of the invading ruzzo-nazis. I hope they brought sunflower seeds with them. Those fields will look a lot better after the cleansing…

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