Von der Leyen: West should supply all weapons that Ukraine can handle

January 18, 2023

Ursula von der Layen visiting Bucha in April 2022.

Western allies need to ramp up arms supplies to Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told CNN on Jan. 17.

“Ukraine needs all the military equipment that it can handle, and this also includes the advanced systems,” von der Leyen said. “I hope very much that at Ramstein… that there will be a big move forward,” she added.

Ramstein summits are held to coordinate efforts to provide military aid to Ukraine. They were named after Germany’s Ramstain Air Base, where the first summit was held in April 2022. 

The next meeting will take place on Jan. 20.

Western allies are expected to announce additional military aid for Kyiv. 

Particularly, Germany is expected to make a decision on whether to approve the delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. 

Several countries are reportedly ready to supply German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine but need approval from Berlin, which has yet to make a decision on the issue.

The decision is expected to be made ahead of the summit.

On Jan. 17, the Netherlands said it would join the U.S. and Germany in sending Patriot air defense missiles to Ukraine. Patriot systems are the most advanced air defense weapon in the U.S. arsenal that Kyiv has been long pleading for. 


  1. Denying Ukraine the ability to properly defend itself and to defeat the criminal horde makes those who refuse this basic help accomplices to such crimes as happened recently in Dnipro. History will not forget this!

  2. THe UN is presently hampered by the error of Russia’s Security Council membership, as well as by many governments seeking to curry favor with Russia, or to dwell on past frictions with the USA or other nations attempting to use the United Nations for its original purpose: to keep and enforce peace.

    NATO is NOT “sleeping” but hampered by three nations seeking inordinate power. Hungary, Turkey, Germany as presently governed, PREVENT NATO from acting to protect or restore peace.
    NATO, then, REQUIRES Amendment Clause[s] in its Treaty, allowing ejection of nations refusing to support representative democracy in membership, or denying efforts by such nations to enter NATO.
    Turkey right now has been especially arrogant in threatening fellow NATO member Greece with war. Since it has also continued denying valuable member proponents Finland and Sweden, it should face the prospect of rejection fo Turkey.
    The dictator there has interfered violently with nations who would otherwise abandon Russia completely – Armenia is an egregious example.

    Treaties, then, CAN have extreme flaws, and both United Nations AND NATO suffer from the relevant flaws I mention.
    This is NOT “sleeping” but dangerous problems affecting the capacity necessary to promote peace in a unified manner.

    • Those three NATO members you mentioned should not be NATO members. They are definately counterproductive.

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