US supplies Ukraine with artillery shells from warehouses in Israel – NYT

Yana Stavskaya08:08, 01/18/23

The Pentagon also turned to South Korea with a request to transfer ammunition from American stocks to Ukraine.

To date, less than half of the US artillery supplies have come from stockpiles in Israel and South Korea, a senior US official told The New York Times .

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use about 90,000 shells per month, which is approximately twice the volume of their production in the United States and European countries. Washington turned to Israel with a request to transfer shells from American warehouses to Ukraine while the US industry increases their production.

Israeli officials expressed concern about the Pentagon’s proposal, but still agreed to provide Kyiv with about 300,000 155mm shells, in part because the ammunition was American property.

Israeli officials said Israel has not changed its policy of not supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons, but rather has aligned itself with America’s decision to use its own munitions as it sees fit.

Israel’s stockpile of US military equipment and ammunition dates back to the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, when the United States airlifted weapons to resupply Israeli forces.

After the war, the US set up warehouses in Israel so they could be relied upon if they hit a crisis again. A strategic memo signed by the two countries in the 1980s paved the way for the “advanced deployment” of Pentagon assets in Israel, according to two former US officials and a former senior Israeli military officer with direct knowledge of the agreement.

Last year, the Pentagon also asked South Korea to transfer munitions from American stockpiles to Ukraine.

According to a senior US official, the South Koreans were more willing than the Israelis to cooperate with the United States in exploiting the reserves. But they also objected to shipping the shells directly to Ukraine, albeit for different reasons, the official said. The South Korean government did not want ROK (Republic of Korea)-marked artillery shells to appear in Ukraine in violation of South Korean arms export regulations.

A compromise was reached: artillery shells from Korean stocks would be sent to replenish American stocks elsewhere.

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  1. Netanyahu promised that when he wins the election he would “look at how we can provide help to Ukraine.”
    Clearly he has done so and his solution is to kiss putler’s rodent ass. Bastard.
    I visited Israel several times on business. It’s a magical country, with great people. I’ve always been pro-Israel. But not anymore.
    Britain’s Jewish community strongly supports Ukraine, as The Jewish Chronicle shows. I hope they can lobby this rotten Netanyahu government to point out the disgusting hypocrisy of helping a bunch of genocidal nazis.

  2. I’m still pro-Israel in spite of their national foot dragging on Ukrainian support. I wasn’t exactly expecting a huge shift when Netanyahu returned as PM but I had better hopes than what appears to be materializing. Private companies are being somewhat helpful while giving national buffering. (kind of like Turkey with Bayraktars and Turkish HIMARS) However Israel needs to get off the fence, any coddling of poopin will bite them in the ass. They need to repatriate as many Jews as want to leave out of mafialand before it gets any worse for them and any escape becomes impossible. I continue to pray for Israel and Jerusalem that they will do what is right in the sight of God Almighty. As we discuss and contemplate however there have been many disturbing trends indicating following a false messiah, establishment of a NWO, further engagements in the old sacrifices, building tabernacle or temple, 70 seat plus one Sanhedrin of sorts, returning to Noahide law setting the stage for what has been prophesied that is to come.
    Not sure if this link will work, was trying to find better pictures of it especially of the globe they set up.

  3. When looking for a why as to Netanyahu not showing more support I ran across this from Jan 4th. ” Netanyahu requested that Ukraine vote against the UN General Assembly resolution to refer the issue of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank to the International Court of Justice. Instead, Ukraine did not attend the vote.”

What is your opinion?