Ukraine is now some kind of horror movie

From the LinkedIn page of Viktoriia Berezivets. Jan 18.

Ukraine now is some kind of horror movie.
A brutal, genocidal war has been going on for almost a year, but this is not enough, today there was also a helicopter crash in which the top management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 3 children and other adults died when the helicopter crashed into a kindergarten.
When all this madness will stop…


Alessio Rebola posts also on LinkedIn:

‼️ Moscow…

Near the monument to Lesya Ukrainka there is a patrol and a prison bus. They prevent anyone who wants to lay flowers there in memory of the victims in the Dnieper.


Volodymyr Kukharenko posts also on LinkedIn just now :

People that lived on the territory of Ukraine defeated mighty empires many times, Russia should know it.

In 514 BC, Persian Empire, the mightiest state of its time tries to take Scythia under the leadership of Darius I. A crushing defeat.

In 331 BC, army of Alexander the Great led by general Zopyrion invaded Scythia. With a similar army, Alexander could conquer half of Asia. Scythians destroyed that army completely, Zopyrion perished. Alexander never tried again.

In 1st century BC and later, mighty Roman empire was building fortifications to defend against Sarmathians. Not to attack, just to defend. There are some records saying that Julius Ceasar was planning an assault against Sarmathians, but you know what happened to him.

Goths had some success in 3-4 centuries, but Sarmatians allied with Huns eventually pushed them out. Not having anything better to do, Goths took Rome.

In the 5th century, incoming Slavs quite peacefully mixed with Sarmatians and assimilated them, forming the substrate of the Ukrainian nation.

Vikings (Vangarians) came to Kyiv and started to rule here in 9th century. No, not by conquest. The chronicles say they were asked to rule by locals. Not sure how it could happen in real life, but no big fights were recorded between locals and incoming Vikings, so it looked like cooperation mostly. Current Ukrainian coat of arms is a trident, a sign of Volodymyr the Great from Vangarian dynasty who ruled 1000 years ago.

Bin 10th century, Byzantium, another mighty empire of its time, had to deal with that Vangarian-Rus alliance, and even had to pay tribute to them a couple to times as a result of their assaults on Constantinople.

For Golden Horde, in 1240 it took several months of siege to take Kyiv, and they could not even take all cities and were not able to advance further. They were taking tribute for 80 years until the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Rus pushed them out.

The next big foe… Moskovia. They were defeated many times by Ukrainians allied with Lithuanians, Poles, and Tatars in 15-16-17 centuries. In 1618 Ukrainians even raided Moskow. But in the 1654 Ukrainian Cossacks made “military alliance” with Moskovia, as they had “disagreements” with Poland. That was the most fatal mistake which led to Ukraine being brought under their rule for 350 years. Ukraine was revolting many times, wanted to get free, never been a comfortable vassal of Moskovia.

In 1991, when we got independence without bloodshed, we thought it was 21st century and the times of war were over. We were wondering why our national anthem still says “Brothers, together we will stand in a bloody fight from river San to river Don, we will not let anyone rule our land!” and “Our enemies will perish like a dew from the sunlight”. That sounded like some distant echo from the past, we did not know how it related to modern times. Well, now we know, and it looks like the prophecy. We’ll have to beat another empire, no matter if we wanted it or not…


  1. One year? The war started in 2014.
    I keep saying it, because I am outrageous the Western media ignored the war for 8 years.

    We are also not saying that WWII started in 1942 because the number of casualties were minor before that comparatively.

    Yes, in 2022 the scale increased, but all types of war crimes that were committed in 2022 were also committed in the 2014-2022 period.

    It is nothing new, just a lot more.

  2. “But in the 1654 Ukrainian Cossacks made “military alliance” with Moskovia, as they had “disagreements” with Poland.”

    And the Moskali have wanted to kill Ukrainians since then, simply for wanting to be a separate people instead of Moskovia’s bitches.

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