Russia has begun to mobilize drug addicts, they use substances right at the front – the central nervous system

Olena Vorobey16:30, 18.01.23

Information about the massive mobilization of drug addicts was confirmed by one of the Russian soldiers.

People with drug addiction began to be mobilized in Russia . At first, former prisoners were thrown into the war, and now even addicts who continue to use prohibited substances will be thrown to the front.

“In order to fulfill the mobilization indicators in North Ossetia, the local military commissars are mobilizing drug addicts. The information about the mass mobilization of drug addicts was confirmed by one of the Russian soldiers who surrendered to the Resistance Movement. According to him, he was not cured of his addiction and continued to use drugs while fighting in Zaporozhye The man took the drugs with him as medicine,” the Center of National Resistance reported .

The prisoner also said that he went to war to avoid punishment. In the Russian Federation, he was detained for driving a car without documents, and then he was offered to mobilize in order not to end up in court. 

The Russian Federation throws crime and drug addicts to the front. These people fight not only in the so-called PMK, but also in the regular troops of the aggressor country.

Mobilization in the Russian Federation

Recently, the GUR reported that the Russian Federation wants to create an army of two million . Military intelligence of Ukraine does not rule out that the leadership of Russia will soon announce the next wave of mobilization. According to the mass media, even female prisoners began to be recruited in “Wagnerivka” in Russia . In addition, it was reported that the Russian Federation is going to mobilize another 500,000 people .

Today it became known that the Kremlin is already preparing for protests due to the announcement of a new wave of mobilization . Groups of military commissar employees arrive at enterprises in the capital of the Russian Federation to hold campaigning activities among employees.

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  1. Let’s be clear about what putler wants : the total destruction of Ukraine. He wants the land and its resources only. Like Lenin or Stalin he will kill or enslave any number of Ukrainians to achieve this and is prepared to lose any number of orcs; millions if need be.
    When the little cocksucker dies, there will be someone equally vile taking over.
    Ukraine and her allies know this.
    Because Russia consists mainly of bloodthirsty ghouls, there is little or no likelihood of a liberal revolution with people like Vladimir Kara-Murza taking over. Unfortunately.
    Conclusion : Ukraine must have a nuclear deterrent, long range ballistic missiles, 50 new HIMARS with ATACM’s, F16’s or similar and tanks.
    How many trained tank operators does Ukraine have? Hopefully it’s in the multiple thousands.
    Provide as many tanks as Ukraine has operators and commence training.
    1000 heavy tanks would be ideal. Plus the transport vehicles, spare parts, mechanics, armourers etc needed.
    Ukraine needs ten times the firepower she has now.
    It does not matter if the orcs are the lowest dregs of society (they already are anyway), they are going to take a hell of a lot of killing.
    Btw, it often takes more bullets to put down a junkie, because their pain threshold is often very high.

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