Putin suddenly claims that representatives of “many European countries” took part in the Siege of Leningrad

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has suddenly stated that representatives of “many European countries” took part in the Siege of Leningrad during World War II.

Source: Putin during events marking the 80th anniversary of the breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad

Quote: “Representatives of many European countries took part in the Siege of Leningrad and committed crimes. We have never talked about this before because of a certain tolerance and in order not to spoil relations, not to ruin the background of our relations.

But it was not only on the Leningrad front, it was everywhere, just look at the blue division near Stalingrad [a unit of volunteers from Francoist Spain within the German Army on the Eastern Front during World War II – ed.].”

Details: At the same time, the occupiers’ leader did not say which European countries he had meant.

Putin is a well-known connoisseur of alternative history. In particular, he believes that Ukraine was created by Lenin.

The dictator has even written several pseudo-historical articles about Ukrainians and Russians being “one nation”.



  1. Many countries are also helping the mafia state with it’s invasion of Ukraine. Just in case Putler forgets them, here they are. Iran, Belarus, Chechnya, NK, Syria, and of course russia itself.

    • He’s got more than that unfortunately.
      Chechnya is a fake republic ruled by a vile putler puppet. Ichkeria on the other hand is a real country allied to Ukraine. A large number of its fighters are with Ukraine. They have at least two battalions at the moment. Plus there are many Chechens in the regular Ukraine army. Hopefully it will one day soon be an independent republic.
      Putler also has in Europe; Hungary, Serbia, Austria and covert allies France and Germany.
      But the biggest allies of the nazi rat are the BRICS. If they stopped trading, or even cut business by 50%, his Holocaust would grind to a halt.
      It’s China and India that must be stopped somehow. I wish we could be confident that a crack team is working on ways to dislodge them from putler, but it’s probably not happening.

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