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Jan 17

Meet Sheikh Said Ismagilov, the former Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine, the President of the Center for Islamic Studies of Ukraine. In April 2022, he volunteered to the Armed Forces as a paramedic and driver. Now he is in Bakhmut.


Another post from Mr Sheremeta:

This is Serhiy Raylyan, the mortar commander of the 79th separate amphibious assault brigade. He has been defending Ukraine on the frontlines and was injured on November 30. He was in a 2-week coma, lost both of his legs, had a hip fracture, lost his eye and had multiple shrapnel wounds to his face. He has a beautiful family.

Please, share the story of this hero and consider supporting his recovery and his family. The relevant information is in the first comment.

PayPal: (the sister’s account – Kateryna Tymchenko)

Bank account:

His sister’s accout on Instagram:


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