Border guards stop Russians’ attempt to break through to Bakhmut


Several groups of Russian infantry tried to bypass a stronghold of the Ukrainian defenders near Bakhmut, but the border guards stopped the enemy’s advance and eliminated five invaders.

“To stop the maneuver of the Russian-occupation forces, our fighters dragged the occupiers into a shooting battle and called for support. The enemy had to refuse to bypass a line and tried to capture the positions of a border unit. Border guards as part of a mortar unit and artillery gunners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on the invaders. The line was defended, the Ukrainian troops thwarted the invaders’ attempt to break through,” the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informs.

As noted, the battle lasted for about two hours, and the occupiers lost 12 people in their unsuccessful attack: five killed and seven wounded.

On January 16, the border guards as part of the Defense Forces eliminated more than 10 invaders in Bakhmut direction.

Earlier it was reported that the Defense Forces of Ukraine continue to defend Soledar so it cannot be considered Russian. The enemy is currently concentrating most of its efforts in Bakhmut direction.

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